[Review] Lara Croft Relic Run Update

If you are a fan of mobile games that offer adventure, smooth transitional running courses along with some actual historical artefacts in gaming, Lara Croft Relic Run is just the game for you. I know this game is not new. However, it has been recently updated. There are a few extras added for example the “Head Start” feature. When you purchase this feature currently for coins, the screen goes on autopilot and Lara gains speed that is only seemingly possible to control unless you are a machine. A bit later you will hear several warning beeps. After the fourth one, the game screen slows and you are back in control of Lara’s steps. The coins automatically follow her like she’s magnetic while in this mode. After the sequence ends, you usually gain about 50-100 coins more or less. What is most entertaining about this mode is watching Lara automatically jump, dodge and duck, etc. when necessary as she progresses down the trail. 11947545_999077420142450_8697451933283869552_n

I think one of the most exciting items I found in the update was the option to obtain Lara’s classic outfit. I, of course, use that outfit now. Here are several of her poses wearing the classic attire from my game screen.


There are other updates I found rather irritating such as the need to collect hordes of gems to buy more outfits or update weapons etc. Though you can collect gems through gameplay. You can gain them through drop boxes, too. However, I have found the current trend in drop boxes is coinage instead of gems and ankhs. It appears with the latest update, came fewer ankhs and gems with the drop boxes. Could this phenomenon be because there is a monetary amount connected to each gem package from the store? I do believe that is true. It appears the idea is to get the player to spend as much money as they can afford to obtain significant tools like gems, ankhs, etc. to gain progress. Here are more screenshots from my game:


As you can see, I have collected many of these items through gameplay, because, I refuse to pay a lot of money to play. This is my personal opinion. I am not speaking for anyone else. However, I would like to see another update that allows more gems through drop boxes as well as ankhs. I would say, judging by what I have seen within my own game, 90% of the drops are coins. I can earn the bulk of those through gameplay, so those are less important to me as a player. It is the rarest of the items that are scarce. Also, you may have noticed the removal of the coins for sale area. All that remains is the gem buying section of the store.

There is another rather frustrating behaviour this game exhibits. I have noticed as you advance through the course after you arrive at the T-Rex and beat him, the game glitches and slows down. I have experienced preparing to jump over an obstacle and Lara jerks backwards a bit and then after she freezes into a position for a second she moves forward as if abruptly pushed and runs directly into whatever the obstacle is in front of her, This action includes falling into pits, off the edge of temple walls or anything else that is in her path. It becomes increasingly evident the phone or tablet is slowing down, or as I put it, “glitching” From my personal experiance, most of this behaviour started and became worse after the last update. Whatever the reason may be, perhaps the problem will be resolved on the next update, Though, I still enjoy the game, and I do look forward with much enthusiasum for the forthcoming geographic location release. It appears to be in Tibet on a mountain pass. It should be a wonderful addition. 

Factual Artefacts

As far as the educational factor is concerned, this little mobile game has some elements of actual archaeology. One such item is an artefact found in the “Desert Ruins” 11952993_999077353475790_7899952145035617339_narea and it is called the Bull’s head rhyton Seen here: 11259743_999427260107466_1595071946610307785_n

The Bull’s Head Rhyton is a real item that is Minoan. The Minoan civilisation started on Crete an Aegean island during the Bronze Age 2600 to 1400 BC and eventually spread to other islands in the Aegean Sea such as Santorini. There are many of these rhytons in the shape of a Bull’s Head, and they are an example of Minoan workmanship from the Neopalatial period. This actual Bull’s Head rhyton dates back to Late Bronze Age, 1550 – 1500 BC.


Essentially, a rhyton was a type of Greek drinking horn or vessel used in possibly graveyard burial ceremonies to pour libations as it is believed this one was used for this purpose. This gold and silver bull’s head rhyton was uncovered by Heinrich Schliemann in a grave he was excavating in Mycenae in 1876. Though the exact date of the rhyton is unknown, archaeologists agree a logical conclusion is it is as old as the grave it was excavated in which is between 1600 and 1450. BC The identity of the artist is unknown.

Artists modelled many rhyton bases after the head of a woman or an animal. In the case of the actual rhyton seen above, its head is made from silver and hollow inside. The horns were gilded wood, and the ears were bronze with gold and silver plating.  The nose was gold plated along with the mouth and eyes. The large flower adorning the forehead is made from gold as well.  Archaeologists believe that the Minoans crafted this libation vase and many others or rhytons in the image of a Bull because the Bull was an important symbol in Minoan religion. It explains its use in religious ceremonies such as burials and quite possibly why it was unearthed in a grave.

This particular one is filled through a hole on the top of the head between the horns and at the mouth there was another hole for pouring. Interestingly enough, the one featured in the game has a reference to Crete the home of these fine vessels from antiquities.

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