[Review] Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen

If you are a Lara Croft / Tomb Raider fan you will know that the world of Lara Croft has become a hotbed of releases. This seems to be a great year for Lady Croft, for we have seen two Lara Croft mobile games released Lara Croft Relic Run and Lara Croft Go. Both of these games are a great addition to any fan’s collection. There is a forthcoming book due out from the same author that gave us “The Ten thousand Immortals” This new book is Lara Croft and the Blade of Gwynnever both of these were written by author Dan Abnett 

I must say that the recent Lara Croft comic “Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen” is quite the departure from the Tomb Raider 2013 reboot Lara. Now, both Laras have their positive points, however, me being the die hard “Classic-fan” I am, I favour the recent comic from the Lara Croft universe over the previous Tomb Raider reboot ones.

Also please note: Things in the world of our Lara have become a little confusing for some. There are two worlds running along side of each other. However, it is easy to know which is which by the title. There is a Tomb Raider gaming universe that has been rebooted in 2013. Then we have the “Lara Croft” gaming universe. LC titles start with Lara Croft and the etc they also appear to have a more classic Lara in mind… So, if you are having a time trying to figure it out, that is a way of distinguishing things. Don’t worry, I am just as guilty of making that mistake and calling a Lara Croft game a Tomb Raider game. I do apologise if my mistakes have caused anyone confusion. Because laughing at one’s self is healthy, I did get quite a chuckle at my debacle when I spotted it.

That said; let’s get on with my review of the lovely Dark Horse comic; Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen!

I must caution any fans that this review contains many spoilers, so read at your own risk, ha!

When we first see Lara she has joined forces with archaeologist and colleague Carter Bell. We get a glimpse of him in The Temple of Osiris. He appears to be a character that is going to play a bigger part than first thought. We learn he is fascinated with falconry, and as the story grows we learn why. This is an interesting component to his character. Writer Corinna Bechko  (famed writer for Dark Horse comics including Star wars novels), appears to have honed her classic Lara skills for this romp through nostalgia. Lara is on point in this fantastic tale. Of course this is the first chapter, but it starts off strong with Lara in Turkey. She, in classic Lara fashion, is climbing a rock face to get to a hawk with a tracking device fastened to its body.

12108194_1018279754888883_7947904618409205048_n 12141547_1018279724888886_4461549486803007925_n

In the style of banter we hear from Zip and Lara in Legend etc. she communicates with Carter as she ascends the rock face. She retrieves Carter’s hawk, which was blown into the cliff by the wind, and brings her down to the sailboat she and Carter are on, and then they leave for Istanbul. Carter is not only interested in falconry; he is working on studying a large collection of Ivory miniatures in Turkey. There are some weird qualities about certain ones that have Carter’s attention. He is running a survey on them to learn more, and Lara is gathering her interest in them as well.


Later events move to the British Museum, where Lara is doing a bit of research.


There is a carved ivory artefact missing. Lara is informed about this event and meets with others to figure this mystery out. The oddest part of this clandestine situation is the fact the ivory piece disappeared while everything was locked.

Of course, a man named Jon knows what happened to it, and Lara follows him from the museum and finds herself taking a plane to Belize where Jon mysteriously is suddenly traveling.

12107288_1018279478222244_307392323061053774_n    12088179_1018279251555600_7324285874903391786_n  12112334_1018279231555602_2661144240542163894_n 12141515_1018279181555607_7126579543591146210_n (1)

Once in Belize she tracks him to a hut and enters the hut to find him incapacitated. Meanwhile, things are hopping in Gorski Kotar region of Croatia with a man named Green. Hmm, whatever he has in mind, he is being informed about the first target being on its way.

12107288_1018279311555594_4611828346726387965_n 12106980_1018279281555597_3455184794744528917_n

Back in Belize, Lara and Jon are in a bit of a fix. Just what has happened to our favourite explorer and her friend, Jon? I await the next instalment of this interesting tale with high hopes and enthusiasm.


From the locations, demeanour, banter everything feels like the classic days of Lara Croft. The artwork was lovely as well. Everything about this comic balanced the other. I enjoyed reading it, and admiring it as well for the artwork is stunning as previously mentioned. The direction this story is taking feels intriguing. It appears there is a cult at work once again. This shall lead Lara into some tense situations, and I can also see the mystery of the Ivory miniatures developing into something that Lara will run with, and we will be taken down an old familiar path. Not a path the creators have done before, just a story filled with our Lara battling foe in the classic way us fans of the days of yore once thrilled to Lara’s antics. So, I leave you at this point and leave this handy link so you can pick your copy up today! What are you waiting for! BUY HERE

Emma’s Quill!




Corinna Bechko


Randy Green


Andy Owens


Michael Atiyeh

Cover Artist:

Jean-Sebastien Rossbach


Dark Horse Comics


Action/Adventure, Media Tie-In, Video Gamer

Release date:


NOTE: All photos are property of Dark Horse and the screenshots were taken by me, Emma’s Quill

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