Lara Croft Relic Run Recent Update

As all of you must know by now, Lara Croft Relic Run underwent another update. This update finally released the much anticipated Tibetan mountain pass in the Himalayas level. It has changed the entire face of the game. Now we are greeted with numbered button areas to designate a level within a level.


Each sublevel has a task you must complete before you advance to the next one. The numbered button levels remind me of Candy Crush as far as the format but not the game or anything else about it. For example the Sahara level (which is miles harder now), has 80 levels and instead of only requiring 15 artefacts to advance, you must have all 20! WHAT?

Okay, stop hyperventilating. Things get worse, at least for those who do not like shelling out money to acquire the tools you need to go forward in the game. Items such as diamonds. They at the very least are .99 cents for 100. However, there are many ways to spend them, and before long, you have zero. For example,

When you are collecting clues I have encountered needing 34 – 36 clues in one game level to activate the relic. To collect that many clues you had better have your upgrades in place fully updated. You will have a long journey through a billion obstacles before you collect the appropriate amount to get the relic. Now, you can spend your diamonds if you die and secure your clues you have collected in your game. However, be careful, for if you exit your game, you will lose your clues and start from zero with a lot fewer diamonds. As the anks go up in the amount you need to proceed, the jewels required to secure your collection during gameplay go up, too. Fun ha? NOT!

I have noticed a lot more I will not go into now. I wanted to jot this quick report down. Mostly because I am shocked they made it more spendy to go forward in this game. The amounts of items required to proceed are relatively high and run out rapidly as you fight your way through the obstacle course.

It is a pretty game, and I do like the look of Lara as i have said before. I just feel some of the updates as far as the diamonds and the amount needed issue, and not being able to keep your clues after you spend money to get more diamonds if you leave your game because perhaps you ran out of anks is unfair. There undoubtedly will be some who disagree. However, I respect all opinions no matter if they agree with mine or not.

I like Relic Run, but I am not thrilled with this update and hope they tailor it a bit more.

This is Emma’s Quill signing off!


As you can see, the levels go up to 120 sub levels in the Mountain Pass Level they do not start at 1 the total number as far as I can see should be 40, because, there are 80 in the previous.

12106740_1020655474651311_4281974035972171485_n  12074565_1020655381317987_5247008605511433094_n  Visit my Lara Croft Relic Run Gallery 


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