Spoiler Updates!


Just to let everyone know: The posts on this fansite shall always have a spoiler tag, category, and image yelling at you there are spoilers ahead. Lara is the image and there will be others later. Lara would be very angry if you disobeyed. That said, I have taken these steps for extra reinforcement there shall be a divider line that looks like the one below before every spoiler full post. I believe any spoilers warrant this step.


So, without further ado, do not read anything that is set up in this manner unless you want to have the game spoiled for you. It is a go at your own risk situation, so do not blame me for spoiling anything, for I gave plenty of warnings. I do not wish to spoil anything for anybody. I intend to place a full Rise of the Tomb Raider gallery as well. It will be spoiler protected so there should be no worries. Also, my image from Rise of the Tomb Raider I used for the Spoiler warning is nondescript. Everyone knows what Lara looks like from the game so that is not a spoiler. The setting is not given away here, for there is nothing in the picture to give any clues about the plot. I made sure of that before I used it. I am trying to think of everything to protect fellow fans.

Thank you,


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Student of Egyptology. Huge Tomb Raider fan. I adore being an Official Fansite in the Official Tomb Raider Fansite program! I have made many great lasting friendships and look forward to many more. I am an Explorer. World Traveler. Writer. Languages. I enjoy web developing, meeting new friends, having a true blast in the Tomb Raider fan circle. I like to laugh. Have fun. Always learning. Family is an important factor in my life. I do not waste precious time being angry, catty, gossipy, hateful nor a troublemaker. If you are a mean, hateful person, I will just stop talking to you. *waves goodbye whilst smiling* Being nice is good. So, stop by and say hi if you drop in. I would love to hear from you!

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