Updates And Everything In Between!

This banner is copyright to Emma’s Quill. 2015. The background graphic and Lara belong to their rightful owners. The banner is the design of Emma’s Quill.


“There is so little time in one day.” That has become my motto of late. Over the last week or so I have been diligently working on rebranding my fan site. Of course, this necessitates a great deal of research. For me at least, it does. Research in not copying anyone else and being my own unique self through design. Also, I am blending the old with the new. This is why my new header design incorporated Underworld Lara with the reboot. I found it interesting in both shots she is holding something glowing and significant to the plot.

My site link buttons are also blended time elements. There is always an older style Lara mixed with a present day art background along with other defining features on each one.

My design is consistent, so you will recognise it as something produced by me Emma’s Quill. There are distinctive white dashes, blended photos, and the white divider line that I loved in the Rise of the Tomb Raider title. I added the concept to my design. This idea is fundamental, and the black background makes it all stand out with the weathered look of the text that I worked hard on. It is a combination of fonts and digital painting with images. The Tomb Raider game titles have that weathered look about them that I like a lot.

I plan on making this combination of elements my style trademark whenever I post a button on my site, as I have already put a few on, a banner denoting a new post and in my header. There will be elements of style present that distinguish my site from so many others out there. There are so many beautifully designed banners, headers and buttons that are produced by artists within the fandom.

I am serious about developing this site for the enjoyment of fans of the series. I have always enjoyed the games from a youngster to now. I always intend on placing spoilers when needed to protect the fan out there that has not had the pleasure of playing whichever game is the newest at the time. It is all about having fun and enjoying our time with other fans of the series. That is how I feel about developing a fansite.

Thank you all for such an excellent response to my fansite all the shares, comments on and offline and through PM are appreciated. Enjoy your day / night!

This is Emma’s Quill signing off! I shall see you all as soon as possible with another article, art piece or update.   Take care!


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