Weekly Wrap-Up #7

Hey ho, another weekly wrap-up is here! This one is for the week  05/27/2016

Wow, let’s get straight into things with an update. There are only 50 more magazine covers left to collect for the record. Read on …


Only 50 more covers to go to reach our goal! We’ve now assembled approximately 1,050 magazines in our collection and are looking to reach over 1,100 to set a high bar.

We formally applied for the Guinness World Record for Lara Croft as the Video Game Character with the Most Magazine Front Covers.

You’ve likely read these instructions weekly but we’re looking for a final push for the community to help be a part of Tomb Raider history by adding Lara Croft magazine covers to our Flickr collection.

If members of your community have magazine covers they would like to contribute, please help us by gathering links to the relevant Flickr albums and sending us an e-mail with all the links. Thank you for your contributions thus far!

As part of our 20 year celebration, we’ve been trying to get a good count on how many covers Lara Croft has been on over the last two decades. We’ve found it to be almost impossible to track, and want to enlist your help!

We’d love for you to scan and upload the covers (covers only, no interiors) to Flickr which allows uncompressed image uploads. You can create a Flickr account for free if you don’t have one yet. Once you’ve uploaded them, send us a link to your dedicated album of Tomb Raider covers, and we’ll select those we don’t have in the collection yet and favorite them as a means to adding them to a single feed. Meagan uploaded a few to her own account so that you can see what we’re aiming for here.

A few notes:

  • Upload to a PUBLIC album so other contributors can see which magazines are already in the collection
  • These can be any magazine with images of Lara Croft or Tomb Raider on them related to the Tomb Raider games, comics, movies, or merchandise. Even covers with Angelina Jolie on them count, as long as they are billed as an interview about Tomb Raider. The only thing we won’t accept is adult magazines with ties to Tomb Raider.
  • The cover can be shared with another gaming character, as long as Lara takes up at least half of the image.
  • Please ensure the cover doesn’t have a mailing address on it. If it does, please Photoshop or obscure any personal details prior to scanning.
  • In the title of the image, please put the magazine name, issue number, and month/date of release. In the caption, please put the country it is from.

You can watermark the cover image if it is a rare image, but please put it somewhere small and inconspicuous so that it doesn’t detract from the overall design. We want this to feel like an art gallery.



This is the year of Tomb Raider. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are celebrating 20 years of Lara Croft’s icon status with festivities and activities throughout 2016.

Fans in the U.S. and Canada: Submit your ‪#TombRaider20‬ art for a chance to win $1000 and be a part of history with our community art contest.




Philip Anthony-Rodriguez, who voices Jacob in Rise of the Tomb Raider, answers fan questions in this recent Q&A posted on the forums.

Read more on the forums and give Philip a follow on his Twitter and Facebook pages to see more of his work.

Thank you Philip for providing your insights on this interview and bringing Jacob to life for us in Rise of the Tomb Raider!


Gear Up Guides!

Another Guide is here and this one is awesome! Click the header link above to check out the Ushanka Outfit!


Tomb Raider Comic Debuts in Mean Machines SEGA 1996


Did you know that Tomb Raider’s first foray into comics wasn’t with the 1999 Top Cow serial, but launched before the first game even hit store shelves? In August 1996Mean Machines SEGA ran an eight page comic across issues #47-50, making it one of the first pieces of published franchise fiction. Read more about this by clicking the photo!

The original Tomb Raider welcomed fans to train in Croft Manor To read more about the original Tomb Raider click the link.


There is something interesting and written in Latin, a language I have studied for years. How can you go wrong with Lara Croft and Tomb Raider with Latin?! Take a look at this.

Raider Gif

If you look at the inner ring of the 20th-anniversary logo, you will see Latin phrases on the inner rim. Here is a translation: What does the inside of the Tomb Raider 20 logo mean? 

  • When designing the logo, we thought of a few different easter eggs to employ and landed on a secret message inside. There are three secret phrases that embody different pillars of the Tomb Raider franchise. These phrases are written in Latin and are meant to convey:
    • The Spirit of Discovery
    • The Thrill of the Unknown
    • The Promise of Adventure


So, drum roll, that is a wrap! I cannot believe another wrap-Up has passed. Enjoy your raiding, and remember, every journey, mountain climb, hike etc starts with the first step into an adventure of amazement! Until the next update!


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