Two Year Anniversary!


I am pleased to say that My Tomb Raider Fansite “Okh Eshivar” has reached its 2 year anniversary! I shall be updating with more from the “Weekly Wrapup” along with my forthcoming article on Semerkhet, which part of my celebration of the 20th year of Tomb Raider! I am pleased to say that Meagan Marie from Crystal Dynamics mentioned my quote about the Tomb of Semerkhet in the following video about the top tombs from Tomb Raider. I appreciate the mention and adore the particular tomb in question along with many others from the fabulous game franchise.

I shall be back after the 4th of July weekend later that week. Thank you all for viewing and making my participation in the community and Tomb Raider in general such awesome fun!

See you all later,

~Emma Q.



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