Quick Crystal Dynamics Update!

TR4024 (2).jpg

Hello, everyone! I am currently working on my 20th-anniversary project after a fun weekend. This is an update from Crystal Dynamics that is for your information. 

These are questions and answers that I know some will enjoy reading and will bring an answer to much-pondered questions. Enjoy the read. See you all soon!

~Emma Q.


What one-shots will Tomb Raider Archives collect?

  •  In addition to the Tomb Raider main series and Tomb Raider Journeys, Tomb Raider Archives will collect Arabian Nights, Origins, Epiphany, The Greatest Treasure of All, and Take Over.

Will Tomb Raider Archives also include cover galleries?

  •  Yes, Tomb Raider Archives will also include covers corresponding to the issues collected in each volume.

Will Tomb Raider Archives be localized?

  • Tomb Raider Archives will only be available in English at this time.

Will Tomb Raider Archives include any crossovers?

  • Although we’re big fans of Top Cow’s classic crossovers, Tomb Raider Archives only collects standalone Tomb Raider adventures.



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