Adventure, Climbers Base Camp …



Image credit: Emma Q copyright 2016 This is about 9000′ looking back at the clouds that we finally broke through! Clouds like these or fog can turn very nasty (whiteout) on a snowfield such as this one. This is on the Muir snowfield, and at the climbers base camp we were heading to, it is over 10,000′ The views Are like those you see from an aeroplane as you climb higher, and the air becomes thinner so you need to use a technique used by climbers known as pressure breathing. Also, the rest step is useful to keep your muscles from becoming too tired. I adore the high places and every time I play Rise of the Tomb Raider, (especially the opener on the mountain) I am reminded of my own adventures such as this one! 


Hi Tomb Raider fans. A lot has happened in the Tomb Raider world. I went away for some mountain adventure of my own, and now I am back for a bit. I am going to another adventure and shall post some pictures of some of my fun. Let’s just say if you tell me to “Go climb a mountain!” I just might take you up on it! I think Lara would too! I am going to post some photos on the way to climbers base camp nearly 11,000′ on the side of a mountain! I will post that later.

I have a million things to do, and this site is not all about me, but I would like to share this part of my life, for this is the 20th anniversary of Lara’s adventures and I think she, if real, would adore my favourite mountain! That is Mt. Rainier! I will be back later to make a proper post about the mountain and Tomb Raider. See you later all!


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