My Life Like Lara …

Tools of the trade: This is my Black Diamond Venom climbing ice axe. I like the sleek fit and the light weight of this amazing tool. It may not be like the one in the game, however, when you hold it, it is clear it is no toy. It is very sharp and useful.

On the Mt. Rainier summit, or crater. Sunrise is fantastic up there! The steam is from little vents on the top. This is a volcano over 14,000′ high. The biggest mountain in Washington state!

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider in life and work!

Hello, Tomb Raider fans!

I decided to make a post about the part of my life that I could say is like something Lara would do. As we see in the opener of Rise of the Tomb Raider Lara and her dear friend Jonah are on a mountain in Siberia. Every time I watch the opener of the game, I am reminded of my love of adventure and my time in the mountains. I have many favourite mountains, but there is one mountain in my life that I hold dear and its name is Mount Rainier which is part of the Cascade range. It is a 14,400’  mammoth stratovolcano in Washington state. I am located in the Pacific Northwest and out here the mountains are extreme in size and in grandeur. They command the horizon and once you look you may never want to stop.

On many of my adventures I can hear the cracking, rumbling roar of the glacier and the ice falls that occur without warning alerting you to their presence. They are certainly something you respect as you make your way to base camp and for some inevitably to the summit.

I should mention these are two different trips. One to Base Camp and on another was going to the summit. It is the same scenery, for going to the summit via Paradise side of the Mountain always takes you through Camp Muir over the Muir Snowfield. My favoruite route. One of the last adventures I had that was photographed a lot was the journey to climbers base camp known as Camp Muir, which is one of several on the mountain. This one is my favourite due to being on the paradise side of Rainier. You can find more information about Camp Muir here

In the true steps of Lara Croft, I look at her gear for her mountain adventure and have to say I have similar crampons. Here are some of my tools of the trade!

Here is a picture of my mountaineering boots and my Crampons together along with my Black Diamond Venom ice axe and backcountry ski poles, which have ice axe heads, too. My boots are Le Sportiva and my crampons (ice climbing) are Black Diamond. These are a must have duo in mountaineering and I adore the ones I own here. Of course, these are a small amount of what is needed to conquer the mountain.

The gallery is mixed with getting to base camp, and then later (one a different trip), at midnight heading to the summit. That is usually how you do it. You start out at midnight at Base Camp and watch the sunrise on the top or just before you get there. You can also climb the mountain in one day if you are up for it. Awsome. However, different gear is needed to summit, different jackets, pants, etc. Thank you for viewing this Lara inspired album. However, I am not trying to be Lara, I just do adventurous things like she would do and did do in the last game. Every time I see the opener of Rise of the Tomb Raider and that mountain I sigh! 

Use Caution:

I should also say: that if you are afraid of heights and tend to freeze from fear, this type of adventure may not be for you. You will find yourself looking vertically up and down snow fields with ice on them above the clouds at altitudes over 10,000’ These are serious high places and can terrify those with fear of going to high places. I have seen it in people and believe me when I say be careful.


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