Five Classic Lara Skins To Play!



I created this photo from a screenshot of the latest Woman vs Wild segment. You can play in five classic Lara skins in the 20th-anniversary edition!


With the recent release of Woman vs Wild I am sure the Tomb Raider world is buzzing. I am happy to know there shall be five new Classic Lara Croft skins to play with in the 20th anniversary Rise of the Tomb Raider game coming October 11th!

One of them just happens to be Lara from Angel of Darkness. In the latest chapter from Woman vs Wild #4 you can learn more about Lara’s latest quest in Blood Ties etc.

In Woman vs Wild Lara is seen surviving against enemies and the environment around her. You get to hunt and craft weapons for her survival. Lara uses strategy in her efforts to thwart her adversaries. You can choose stealth or guns blazing all-out war! It is your choice in many of the areas how you approach the situation at hand.

One example is how Lara can use the environment to go undetected until she strikes with a fury! She can stay under water with a breathing device she gains later in the game to ambush mercenaries. She can lay low in the brush to strike in stealth mode quietly so no other enemies are aware. This way she picks them off one at a time. It’s your choice!

Yes, Lara explores Tombs and many other vast ancient worlds throughout the gameplay of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Many have played this incredible game with all of its fabulous echoes from Lara’s classic days. However, there is more in the forthcoming release of the 20th-anniversary edition of Rise of the Tomb Raider. For PS4, PC and Xbox One

In the new DLC Blood Ties Lara faces the possibility of losing the famed manor home that has been in her family for generations. It represents her entire background it defines she and her history, so what better place to explore in an impacting storyline DLC about the manor in her current timeline.

Her uncle is threatening to take away the manor from her, accusing Lara of not being the rightful heir. Due to this situation, she must go on a quest to find evidence to prove him wrong and take back the manor. What makes this level nostalgic and fascinating is that Lara must explore the manor and find documents from her past and experiences flashbacks throughout the segments that take the gamer further into her life. We learn more about her and become connected to Lara in a way never before seen.

Through her exploration of her home Lara discovers her father’s Vault of Knowledge. A place that he compiled ancient truths that he kept private even from her. Wait and see how this all turns out and more!

There is a special game mode from the manor called “Lara’s Nightmare” that brings a lot of dare I say it? “Nightmare action” into the newest edition of DLC and brings all of Lara’s fears to the surface!

And stay tuned for the next Woman vs Wild segment for you will learn about the biggest franchise first in history and that is Virtual reality for Rise of the Tomb Raider!

Watch the latest video Woman vs Wild #4!

Thank you for viewing! Stay tuned for more later! 


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