My Qiuck Impression PS4 ROTTR


There are spoilers ahead so read at your own risk…


Greetings Tomb Raider fans! Today is the day, and I am happy that the game is in full swing around the globe on PS4! I shall have a far more detailed impression of the game for PS4 later. However, having only played it on xbox360 until now, I forgot about the video and screenshot feature on the ps4. So yes, I am showing some little excerpts of my gameplay on my machine for the reason of displaying how beautiful the entire game is in general. I am enjoying it. I started playing on the 10th due to a complimentary review copy that Crystal Dynamics gave to my website and I am thankful and shall leave a more detailed review in a few days as said before. 

This is only a quick version of what I plan for later. The graphics are spectacular, and the newest story DLC set in the manor called “Blood Ties” is amazing.

Blood Ties opens with Lara searching for a safe combination and later needs several other items including a flashlight. These are items she must hunt down throughout her vast manor.

Her reasons are clear in the intro for her greedy uncle is trying to kick her from the manor, her childhood home, and allow her a small stipend to live on. That is if she agrees to leave within the week.  Of course, Lara won’t have this and begins a search for clues to her bloodline.

When I first started this level I noticed many items glowing as they do when they are pertinent to the plot. Indeed the first room is a gold mine as well as other areas. I will not go on further, for the moment. However, the game is impressive from the smoothness of the graphics as compared to the 360 which showed a type of fine screening in the graphics. They stand apart miles from that alone as far as superiority is concerned.

The below videos are from my gameplay. They are short videos that I made to show the beautiful quality of the PS4 version. Enjoy! I am still getting used to the PS4 controllers. 

This is a small gameplay of the beautiful manor to show how the graphics are better than the 360’s version. More later.

This is my gameplay in the beginning of Blood Ties. Lara must learn where the combination to this safe resides in her manor home.

This is my actual gameplay. They fell at first because I was still getting used to the PlayStation controls vs my xbox360. I adore this section and now it looks better than ever. The PS4’s graphics are amazing! It brings everything to life!

I love the level in Syria for many reasons, however, one outstanding element is the art. The artwork in the tomb is breathtaking. I also feel the height better in this game. When she climbs and walks out on ledges I feel high like when I am really in the mountains on high cliffs or mountain ledge trails. The feeling is wonderful to be able to get that from a game. Bravo.

So, there shall be a lot more later. This is a teaser. Now stay tuned for a lot more after I am done with my game. Enjoy the game yourself if you are a PS4 owner. I shall return!

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