Small Inside Look at 20 Years of Tomb Raider!

I must say I was impressed by this fabulous book. This is a book that should be part of any Tomb Raider fans’ collection. I was incredibly surprised to find my official fansite Okh Eshivar included among the other official sites. It was a true honour. Many thanks to Meagan Marie. Also, all of these photos were taken with my phone camera, so they are not perfect. 🙂

Okh Eshivar included in the fansite listing! 

In this comprehensive book, by Meagan Marie, you will find that it defines each one of the games for example Tomb Raider III 


From the moment you open the book you are blown away by the immense detail, even the cover is impressive.


Then I opened it and the love affair began! There were countless thumbnails of our Lara inside. I adore this particular presentation. 




Even the table of contents is beautifully done. 


There is far more than these items to elaborate on, however, it would not be fair to show all of the book online. What would be the point in buying it, if you give away all its secrets? One of which I will only leave you with a teaser photo of the little Lara on the far lower corner of the page. When you buy the book, you will find her rather *coughs* animated. :playful smirk:: 


From the music, cosplay, writers every game in the franchise. The actresses, cast artwork, official fansites and so much more. You will find it all here. You will find everything in this book to answer all your Tomb Raider questions. It not only is an impressive looking book, but it also makes a perfect coffee table conversational piece. My friends are certainly impressed and as I have only had it for a day, it has already been opened by several curious friends and family members countless times. 

This book would make a perfect gift for those Tomb Raider fans on your list. Pick one up today HERE!

So there you have it. My small inside look at the beautifully crafted and written, extremely comprehensive collectors book for the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider. Thank you for viewing. 

Stay tuned for more from Okh Eshivar. 




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