My LOGO Etc …

The following video is my logo for my fansite. I am working on several versions. The spherical logo with the unique initials “OE” (Okh Eshivar) was created by me and it was inspired from the scion. The background screenshot was also taken by me from my own gameplay on my PS4. Everything here is my own creation. This is information  for technical reasons.

My Fansite Logo

Story Art

I thought I would post this video I made as an artsy, brief story of “Rise of the Tomb Raider” I created the little story video with my new software and I also added my own screenshots I took during my latest PS4 completion of the main story.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, I have a limited time on here. I made this and intend to add more Tomb Raider goodness as soon as I am able. 

Explore the World!


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