Nostalgia Tracks Nathan McCree’s Music …

Created by: Emma Q 2016

Learn all about:

Tomb Raider – Live in Concert

Music from the original epic games
  • Eventim Apollo Theater 
  • with Nathan McCree
  • Date: Dec 18 , 2016
  • Doors Time: 18:30

Learn more about this event: HERE!


Created by: Emma Q 2016

Ah, remember 1996, and the Tomb Raider theme chiming through the halls of your home in the past while you attempted to put this extraordinary new character Lara Croft through her paces? Remember how lovely the classical music sounded and how well it blended into the theme of the game?

Nostalgia rings true every time I hear the fabulous tunes created by Nathan McCree Lara’s music mentor and owner of the nostalgia we as fans feel when we hear the echoing music.

Well, if you long to hear those notes of nostalgia once again, look no farther than sound cloud for all your Tomb Raider musical dreams. Nathan has created the Tomb Raider Suite. It is fantastic and so worth the time. Here are a couple tracks. Go to his page for the full listing!  

About Emma (M.Harris) (212 Articles)
I am a student of Egyptology and Mesoamerica. I am a writer and a Tomb Raider franchise ambassador sponsored by Crystal Dynamics and sent to E3 in 2018. My site is an award-winning Official Tomb Raider site from the Crystal Dynamics official fansite program, and I have been an official site since 2015. I am happy to say that my website has appeared in the game credits for "Rise of the Tomb Raider" as well as "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" I am a huge Tomb Raider fan that has a big taste for world travel and a natural sense for exploration and languages which is reflected through the vast amount of archaeology articles and artwork throughout my website. Thank you for visiting and bookmark my site. I update several times a month. This is Emma AKA (M. Harris) signing off and exploring new news about archaeology, art, languages, legends and much more from the real world and the world of Tomb Raider and Lady Lara Croft! Explore the World!

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