Yearly Wrap Up Tomb Raider 2016!

Merry Christmas Lara 2016! Created by Okh Eshivar copyright 2016 Okh Eshivar

I do a series that is on hold for the moment known as “Weekly Wrap Up” this is the “Yearly Wrap Up!”

Let us look at the Highlights of the Tomb Raider franchise.

As we all know 2016 Was the year that Rise of the Tomb Raider’s PS4 20th anniversary version hit the shelves. We as devoted fans got to play and see the game in all its glory. The definition of the PS4 version is far better than the Xbox360 version that I played the initial release of ROTTR. That is a fair comparison for me personally to make because of my experience with both. Some of the First DLC’s to come for the game were Baba Yaga’s DLC and then Cold Darkness Awakened, a zombie origin story that never lets you have room to breathe until the end. The Endurance mode was also a hoot to play and see how long you could survive the Siberian wilderness. I love this level and now they made it even better.

We were treated to some new DLC’s for the anniversary edition. We got to see the role the manor shall have in Lara’s adventurous life and how it connects many dots in between what we wondered about as fans of the classics. We caught an interesting glimpse into the life and courtship of Lara’s father and mother. We got to know Lara’s butler better and how she played the legendary freezer prank on him when a child. A letter to pick up during the Blood Ties game called “Little Angel” is where you learn more about that. There were so many things throughout Blood Ties that are the glue to the integrity behind Lara. Listen to “Little Angel” 

Then the zombies return in another romp through blood that displays the horror element that has become an outstanding feature in the reboot games. Of course, the standout element of the anniversary version for PS4 is the fantastic VR headset purchased separately for the PS4. This gadget may be a little pricey for some, but believe me, it is an amazing piece of equipment if you get the chance to obtain one. I love this part but it will make the game a lot more intense. If zombies give you the chills, the VR element will knock your socks off, in the Lara’s Nightmare DLC and may send you screaming for cover. LOL. Also, most games are coming out with this feature Star Wars and Batman to name two.More 

Not to mention the new classic Lara skins you can play ROTTR including Angel of Darkness! 

More 20th things …

20th anniversary

14956597_1279584632091726_1321147186031865625_nMeagan Marie dazzled us all with her new book “20 Years of Tomb Raider” of which yours truly’s official fan site (Okh Eshivar) made it into the book.

I am so grateful and consider it an honour. The book is packed with many official fan sites and artists, information about each game and backstories etc. I could not wait to get this book and now it holds court on my coffee table! There is so much nostalgia awaiting any fan of the franchise among the pages of this comprehensive tome. Also, considering the 20th anniversary game for PS4 I found my site included in the final credits of the game seen HERE  If anything in the Tomb Raider world could have made my year bright, those two items certainly did!


Nathan McCree treated us fans to a glorious concert in London on December 18th. It was nothing short of spectacular and you can learn more about it here.

I adore this particular video that shows the wrap up of the concert and the level of excitement of the fans that made it a great success. Maybe we will get to see this go on a global tour.

Also, the lovely and talented Sonya Belousova brought us fans nostalgia of a different kind. There is a video that you can watch below illustrating her talent in the recreation tribute of the Tomb Raider themes through the last 20 years. She is seen playing the piano as Lara in some amazingly beautiful settings that will blow your mind. This is worth the time.

Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration Medley – Sonya Belousova (dir: Tom Grey)

She goes by the name of “Player Piano” on YouTube

Then there was a huge celebration for the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider and in the following video, Meagan Marie is on the panel speaking about many things. Enjoy this: 20th Anniversary

Then as if all that goodness was not enough, we got another first and that is Lara Croft GO made it to the PS4 with a new chapter as well. You can read more about that HERE

Image created by Emma My personal copy of “The Blade of Gwynnever” in front of my Christmas tree. copyright 2016

Then a much anticipated Tomb Raider novel came to a bookstore near you called “Lara Croft and the Blade of Gwynnever” of which I devoured in no time and wrote a review for soon after. You can read the review HERE

Yes, 2016 was a great year for Tomb Raider. Many things happened that were positive and wonderful in so many ways. Yes, there were tragedies too in 2016 unrelated to the franchise; however, I shall not focus of those. Every year has them. We gained a lot and lost a lot of beloved celebrities this year. Let us look towards a new year of hope, peace, charity, understanding, friendship and new adventures. I am excited for 2017 and have many projects in the works! Until 2017 — love more, laugh more seek the positive and shut out the darkness of the negative and enjoy your world! Love you all!

Explore the world!!!

Explore the World!

~Emma! hoping for the ski slopes of Whistler!

See ya in the New Year! 


peace hugs


Be your best for 2017!



Happy New Year!


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