My Official Fansite Won Best New Fansite!


This is what it is all about: It was the debut of the 2016 Official Fansite Awards. The information below is what category my site was judged in. I am so very honored by all of this, and it has served as a giant inspiration.


Best New Fansite
An exceptional new fansite that joined the program in 2016 and has provide unique and engaging content that sets a high standard for their future contributions.


Crystal Award Winner:  Okh Eshivar

Okh Eshivar is one of many wonderful new additions to the Official Fansite Program. The webmaster’s strength is in diversity of content, with entries balanced between news, reviews, interviews, weekly recaps, researched articles, downloads, and more. One standout article describes how Lara has inspired the webmaster, detailing a 14,000 foot trek to the top of Mt. Rainier. We hope 2017 holds more adventures for Okh Eshivar.

  • Meagan Marie – Senior Community Manager at Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider).



I am flying and screaming with excitement! That my Tomb Raider fansite just won the official fansite award Best New Fansite 2016 from Crystal Dynamics! This is a true dream come true! Congratulations to all the other official sites that won awards as well. I never expected this to happen so soon for me. This is a grand way to start 2017! Yeehaw! Thank you to Meagan Marie and Crystal Dynamics for this amazing award! I am so grateful! Yay!

Go HERE for a complete list of all the awarded official sites! 

Explore the world!


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