Our Little Angel My young Lara


young Laracopy3 copsy
Though I do not own the character, Lara Croft, I do own this image which I created with my own software. Emma copyright 2017

This is a creation of mine that gave me a lot of joy. It is a work in progress (WIP), and I have a lot of plans for this one and others.  She has a mischievous look about her and an element of surprise. I purposely did this to illustrate her personality and how she loved locking a certain butler in the freezer.  My range of characters are original and not. I created her from my Poser 11 program and Photoshop.  My novel writing and short stories will benefit from this as well, for now, I am going to bring all of them to life over time. 

Also, “The Lara Project” is coming along well. Stay tuned for more about that. Enjoy your day all! 

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