[New]My Gallery of Laras!


By Emma 2017



Greetings, Tomb Raider fans! This had been a busy month for me and my family, job obligations, travel, studies, the great outdoors and exciting projects. However, as busy as I am, I try to keep things up on this end, so here is the latest in the art category for you all.

These are different Lara poses and various backgrounds that I made in a posing program called XPS also some of the final touches are done in Poser11 as well as Photoshop. Of course, I did not create Lara Croft the character, however, the Laras from Poser11 are from non-Lara models that I create as Lara and customize them through feature morphs and customized clothing. These Laras are labeled as mine for that reason. They did not come from XPS or taken game renders. Also, some of these are a (WIP work in progress) so they may have color and filter differences and or backgrounds. There will be a lot more to come.

Art and writing have been a key interest in my life and this includes my family. Yet, I am a student of Egyptology! LOL, my scholastic endeavors are mostly language, writing, maths, ancient history, and global travel.  Global travel is for vacations and study. They both go hand in hand. So anyway  ::back on track:: these photos are part of a much-anticipated portfolio I am creating for my fansite. Thank you for viewing.




Gallery of Laras


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