Kickstarter Update! Goodies!

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Hey there Tomb Raiders! I have some Kickstarter news for you all. There are some great perks coming your way when you pledge to this incredible project! How many of you have had the 1996 Tomb Raider theme along with the compelling tracks from Tomb Raider II and III playing through your memories all these years? Or maybe you are taken by nostalgia whenever you hear them. However, as splendid as the original tracks from these fine games are, they are about to get a face-lift by the composer himself, Nathan McCree! That is correct. He is striving to make his dream come true with a fully orchestrated theme for all three games as well as full choir arrangements.

You can find more about this at the Kickstarter site by clicking the photo below! Before you click, check out the gallery of items added to this project below.  At the Kickstarter site, you can see what is available for each pledge level and all the perks that come along for the ride. Also, watch the video, for it explains some of the contest and what the lucky winners will receive! However, if you don’t pledge, there may not be an album! Nathan is working hard to make this dream come true for you all! Get busy people! 




After 20 years, Nathan is incredibly proud to be able to carry on the legacy of Lara and to bring to you the music that united us all together. With this limited once-in-a-lifetime GOLD ULTIMATE EDITION!

New Merchandise – Classic Lara T-Shirt Designs + New Styles and Colours



Kickstarter Video

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