TR4:: Exploring The Real Chambers of Tulun

 Remember Tomb Raider 4 and Egypt? One of my favorite levels was the Chambers of Tulun. Any Tomb Raider fan that has played that game would remember that level. How many of you believe Tulun was a city? I see some hands raised! It may interest you to know that Tulun was a real person, and the reason Cairo is prominent in this level is that the chambers of Tulun are in Old Cairo also known as medieval Cairo. Let’s explore the real-life Tulun, where and what it is, and how the game concept echoes this amazing location and its history. About Tulun, the game level’s namesake:   Ahmed ibn Tulun (Ahmed son of Tulun) “ibn” means “son” was a Muslim slave, and the founder of the Tulunid Dynasty (868-905 AD), in Egypt. He was born in Bagdad, and his father was Turkish and Mongol in origin, and he too was a slave. Also, Ahmed became the first governor of Egypt to annex Syria. When Ahmed was very young, he was taken into private service as a slave for the Abbasid caliph in Baghdad. After his days as a slave in Baghdad, he studied Islamic theology in Tarsus. He had a successful life … Continue reading TR4:: Exploring The Real Chambers of Tulun