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Hello, Tomb Raider fans!

I am so happy to let you all know about the new trailer for the Tomb Raider movie destined to grace the theaters in March of this year (2018). As you can see, the movie is going to be quite good, and this big fan of the game franchise cannot wait. I am sure you are all thrilled to see it.




Lara is an independent, intelligent (eager to make her mark) type of woman with a pedigree set in the British aristocracy. Her character has been thrilling fans for over 20 years and it will certainly be a stellar year for her in 2018. There is the release of the new movie as well as the new game we are all itching to get a crack at. Not to mention the lovely album that outstanding composer Nathan McCree has created called “The Tomb Raider Suite”  Due for release later this year.

Also, something wonderful from Warner Bros. arrived in the mail for me the other day soon after my return. The journal seen below is the exact one that Lara has in the movie. Also, included was a very thoughtful letter from Alicia! I appreciate it a great deal. Oh and I also want to point out that the journal sports the initials R.C.! Those are her father’s initials. It gives a little glimpse of things to come as well as the new trailer.

Well, that’s all for now. I am working on an article based in the Yucatan, Mexico. It shall be out in a few days, for I just returned from Mexico recently. Besides, it is only fitting for it works with new and old Tomb Raider.  See you all then!


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