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New Header Design

Copyright Emma 2018

Copyright Emma 2018

Yep, I decided to redesign my header for 2018. I may tweak it a bit, but for now, I am happy with it. I used my screenshot I took from my PS4 gameplay along with my customized Lara from XPS I painted her and added many effects through Photoshop. She is a project I did a while back. I also used one of the beautiful artifact coins Crystal Dynamics sent to me. I used the front and back of the one for my site award. I adore being creative. Then I added the text and effects and there you have it, a new header.  I shall be back with another update in a few days.

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Student of Egyptology. Huge Tomb Raider fan. Little Croft is my nickname because i am a short version of Lara long braid and all. But I am me not her! LOL! Explorer. World Traveller. Writer. Languages. I enjoy web developing, meeting new friends, having a true blast in the Tomb Raider fan circle. I never get mad. I like to laugh. Have fun. Always learning. Family is an important factor in my life. I do not waste precious time being angry, catty, gossipy, hateful nor a troublemaker. If you are a mean, hateful person, I will just stop talking to you. *waves goodbye whilst smiling* Being nice is good. So, stop by and say hi if you drop in. I would love to hear from you!

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