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Movie Review:(Spoiler Free) Tomb Raider Movie A Well Done Action Adventure!

The Tomb Raider Movie Book Cover The Tomb Raider Movie
adventure, video game
Warner Bros., MGM
March 15 2018

 Please note this is a spoiler free review and not an in-depth look at the movie. I was going to write a spoiler-filled piece with a warning days ago, however, I decided to not. 


 On March 15th many Tomb Raider fans flocked to the theater to see a much anticipated Tomb Raider film.
I will say I would tell anyone thinking this film is bad to give it a chance. It is a reboot film, however, to strike a happy balance between old and new is not easy, to say the least. That said, it won't disappoint. This was the best film in my opinion about a video game to date. Yes, the previous movies both featuring Angelina Joli as Lara were fine, but this installment gave a much grittier Lara. Far younger and less experienced. 


While the later movies took a more classic Lara into consideration, Alicia’s Lara is more contemporary and based strongly on the reboot game Tomb Raider 2013 with a little splash of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Alicia trained hard for this role and her hard work paid off big time. It aids in the portrayal of Lara Croft in a more believable perspective when the lead actress gets involved. So, yes, Vikander filled Lara’s shoes very well. This film carried a plot that was evenly executed and gave the new and old fan something to be proud of. It is a stand-alone film.
We get to see characters from both rebooted games and watch Lara in action living in London. Her backstory is elaborated on more here in ways I will not say. You have to watch the movie to find out. The usual film ideology is to make the female lean on the male character. We all know how Lara would respond to that situation being the strong and independent woman she always has been. We saw her growth in TR 2013 and Rise. This film showcases her independence and passion between the two.

There were areas that brought a tear to the eyes for sure unless you are made of stone. Lara has a sense of family that shines a compassionate light upon her; instead of a cold-hearted shooter to get her artifacts. There is a realism brought to Lara Croft in this rendition that speaks to the heart and ties loose ends up neatly. It also hints of future endeavors. Some moments are iconic and well placed to bring the impact of nostalgia to the surface. I do like the fresh take on her character, as well as the potential for a sequel.

You will understand that point by watching the end and how a certain character blends these boundaries well. Well enough to let you know there is unfinished business at hand.

Basically, Lara is very believable because of the way Alicia looks. Her physical appearance makes the fight scenes enormously realistic. The movie gives a grounded feel as well due to the optimism of our Lara. She believes her father is crazy because of his willingness to believe in a mysterious "Death Queen" on an island off the coast of Japan. However, he has been missing for years and as far as anyone knows is dead.

I wanted to stress how strong of a character this Lara is and that the film is seriously worth the time and money to see it. Additionally, it reminded me of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. with a similar story-line. They did a brilliant job bringing Lara to life for a new and older audience. Even the plot has a depth to a point. It leaves interest and the viewer with questions and hoping to see another film maybe over the next two years.
Anyway, I give this film a 5-star rating easily. Bravo to Alicia for bringing Lara to life in a believable way. It is not Shakespeare, however, who in their right mind would expect that? Above all it did exactly what a good film does, it entertained well and that is what it is all about in the end.

    The entertainment.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for my next article coming in a few days.
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