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Review: My Collection of Laras!

Lara Croft figure collection Book Cover Lara Croft figure collection
Funko Pop, Rock Candy, Loot Crate 20th Anniversary, Temple of Osiris Gold Edition

Hi there Tomb Raider fans! If you know me you know that I collect Lara figures. And yes, I have a Lara Croft barbie coming any day now along with the newest Funko Lara creation. However, I have had these little gems for a while and thought I would make a review about them.
Rock Candy Lara Classic long braid.
As you can see I have the four of them.

Rock Candy Lara
I shall start with the Rock Candy Lara.
She is well detailed and her paint job is intricate and well done. When you see a back view of this one, you will notice she has a sweeping braid done in the classic Lara Croft tradition. In fact, out of all of these fine Lara figures, Rock Candy Lara is the only one with the classic long braid and regular body attributes. The only other long braid belongs to Funko Pop Lara that will follow this review. Of course, Rock Candy Lara’s attire is also classic. She is the most classicly detailed Lara of the bunch. I say this because she is designed like Lara would look in plastic.

Funko Pop Lara Croft

Unlike Rock Candy Lara, Funko Pop Lara is more a caricature done in the unmistakable Funko Pop style. In fact, all of their distinct figures reminds me of Betty Boop.
This version of Lara is a classic type and I do think it could be taken from the Anniversary Lara because of the ribbing on her tank top. If you look closely you can see the ribbing on the figure.

I for one, adore Funko Pop figures so I am very happy with this style and Lara.
Temple of Osiris GoldEdition Mini Lara statue. This Lara is a caricature after the Lara seen in Lara Croft and theTemple of Osiris video game.
Her paint job is fabulous as far as my personal one is concerned. She is beautiful from front to back.
And last for now, but not least is Loot Crate Gaming Lara Croft Tomb Raider 20 Years Collectible Icon Figure!
This little Lara is exclusive to the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider. I adore her and find the color variation refreshing.
I am happy to display this little Lara figure with her guns poised to blow her enemies into the time void! LOL! The paint job as on all the others is done very well. I am happy with the detail and color palette etc
Well, this concludes my review of part of my collection soon to grow bigger. I give these Laras collectively 5 stars of excellence!
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Hover over image of Lara below!

20th Anniversary Lara - Loot Crate!
Twin Pistols! Pow!


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