My speculative look at Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Published on: 3/22/2018 @16:12

If you watch the trailer, in the beginning, you do see a partial eclipse.

Image captured by Okh Eshivar Eclipse image from the Shadow of the Tomb Raider game teaser.

That said, the symbol chosen to display the title is also an eclipse. Okay, these are obvious sights. However, I noticed a theme developing. Keep in mind the following information is based on only my perspective and my guesses. It is not official news. I could be completely wrong.

Recently a new puzzle solving game premiered on the official Tomb Raider site. The game is known as Path of the Stars. You get a new puzzle every Monday to solve for another puzzle piece and a chance to try and figure out what the picture is. There are also prizes as I understand based on the big reveal in April.

One of the pieces appears to have part of an eclipse showing along with a very shadowy arm of Lara while she climbs a wall or something I haven’t determined as of yet.


All of these clues are based in Mesoamerica. I can’t help but speculate about the puzzle game title. “Path of the Stars” Could this be the big clue about the plot of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider? Why do I ask this?

The Maya were deeply into astronomy. They built structures based on the moon and planets. They built observatories. However, their knowledge was not as ours is and they believed that learning about the cosmos brought them closer to the gods. I have written about this recently concerning the Maya and eclipses. They combined astronomy with their legendary beliefs. Such as thinking the eclipse was because of a giant serpent eating the sun. However, do not underestimate them, for they were very intelligent about acracy in their astronomical studies. All of that aside. We know they were interested in the starry sky and the title “The Path of the Stars” coupled with an eclipse that connects the title “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” sounds like Lara may have to solve another Maya legend borne from the legend of their eclipse.

 Updated: April 27th, 2018 Lara is going to Peru in SOTTR.  Some of us learned from early game demo play and you also found more tidbits out from the Tribeca event with Camilla Luddington among others here:  [embedyt]

Something that I really hope happens would be if we will get to see Natla emerge in all of this.  After all, Lara will visit Peru in this game, and in the first game (1996) she was searching in the Lost City in Peru for an artifact in the tomb of Qualopec. She was sent on this mission by Natla and Larson is the one that approaches her in the hotel lobby of the Imperial Hotel in Calcutta about this whilst she is reading. Maybe Lara will discover more than what she is looking for in the game when she ventures to Peru. Maybe the artifact she searches for will be connected to Natla in some way or maybe we will see Larson step into the story somewhere and start that plotline moving for the proceeding game after the end of the origin story. It is still early days but speculation is a fun way to bang around ideas. There are many ways it could go. 

Maybe, as in a lot of Tomb Raider games, the legends are true and there will be a “star demon” known as the serpent that devours the sun from the Maya legend. Or we will understand where this legend came from. Maybe even a doomsday legend. Yep, now we know my speculation about that was true, for we know that there is an apocalypse triggered in this game. That is exciting. 

I was thinking about the tie in the other day and mentioned it about how Lara could be connected to an eclipse through the story. I will say this game is going to be spectacular, for from what I have seen so far truly is exciting. I am ready to get my game in September.

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