The Gear Guide From SOTTR!

Hey everyone! Today Crystal Dynamics released the Gear Guide! It is a fantastic detailed series of images that explain a lot about the elements in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider! I am so excited about this and the beautiful detail and how it defines our Lara from previous versions of the reboot!

She obviously has buffed out by her muscle tone and strong presence. I love these images and if you can, you can click the link to the PDF file about this as well. enjoy the following images from the new gear guide!

You can also find the original post to this info here:



Image Crystal Dynamics 2018
Image Crystal Dynamics 2018
Image Crystal Dynamics 2018

There is also a pattern guide for your pleasure and its PDF file link is here!



If you would like to watch videos or read about artifacts from museums  about math, glyphs, pyramid temples and Maya culture etc essentially everything Maya before the release of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, you can go to twitter and find the hashtag I created April 24, 2018, #Mayasnippet Here is my twitter account and a link to it to simplify.

Thank you for reading and visiting my site!

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