Animation Project!


I enjoy making animations, especially if it fits with my official Tomb Raider website. Here are two versions of an animation I made based off of my profile picture. It is a custom made render profile picture created by yours truly, me. Me as in Emma my pseudonym or you can call me Okh Eshivar, for that, is my website.  Anyway, the following animations are just the start of a project I am working on. I hope you enjoy it.

The Lara render is from a 3D posing program I own and from that program for this render I changed some mesh files and painted Lara the way I wanted her this includes her glasses. Everything down to the extra sparkle in her eyes. The background you may recognize from the Rise of the Tomb Raider DLC Blood Ties. I took this screenshot from my own gameplay on my PS4 and of course enhanced it to blend into the color palette I chose. The animated effects are also added and enhanced by me for a custom result. So, of course, this is my property and copyright to me 2018. Of course, I do not own the character Lara Croft Tomb Raider just this creation. Thank you for viewing.

Okh Eshivar5
This is a GIF without any sound just to let you know. Copyright 2018 Okh Eshivar

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