Paititi Hub Video Walkthrough!

When me and my fellow Tomb Raider ambassadors were at E3 last June, we had the privilege of seeing the Paititi hub in a presentation. I was so inspired that I wrote an article about the legendary lost city in Peru called “And What About Paititi?” This hub is the largest hub ever and so amazing words can hardly do it justice. Now I can express my excitement through this new walkthrough video! Therefore, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is spectacular. The levels dig deeper and become darker. They are harder and far more defined. Some of those details are seen in this magnificent video.  The Warrior’s Trial is incredible in this video and everything else from the definition of the characters, the colours showing a vibrant culture the structures and the language of the people. It is a fantastic atmosphere! This game goes beyond the two previous reboot chapters. This defining chapter of Lara Croft will blow your mind!

 For now, enjoy! See you all later!

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My Paititi Hub Gallery


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