The Artful Influences of SOTTR Pt. 1

Moche Back-flap

This looks like a fancy tumi knife inspired from a backflap that has the Spider Decapitator god from the Moche pantheon on the top. This one is from the game SOTTR. Taken on my PS4 The actual one follows.

Bac kflap

Moche Backflap Met Museum

Date:AD 625-645




Dimensions:H. 21 × W. 19 3/8 in. (53.4 × 49.2 cm)


Credit Line:Museum Royal Tombs of Sipán, Lambayeque, Peru, Ministry of Culture of Peru (MNTRS-55-INC-02, MTRS-5361, MNTRS-56-INC-02, MTRS-5361)


As shown above you have seen this Moche god that sits on the top of this backflap through out the Paititi hub of Shadow of the Tomb Raider.  Archaeologists know that Sipan lords were interred with cresent-shaped symbols of office. It is believed that this backflap could be a reference to the ritual knife known as a tumi. However, a backflap is far more than a knife. This backflap is a part of a royal type of body armor, and a dead giveaway as to the social level its wearer came from.  It would hang from the waist. The arangment of the legs of the Moche god adorning the top in an X has earned it the name Spider Decapitator. For more infromation about this backflap go HERE


Now on to the next piece 

Octopus Frontlet continued on page 3 …



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