The Tumi Knife

Image credit: Okh Eshivar 2018 photo manipulation.

If you visit Peru today, you will find many Tumi knives hanging from peoples’ walls for good luck.This is because the Peruvian government is using this symbol to endorse tourism. However, what do we know about this unusual knife, and its origins in history? NOTE: The Tumi pictured is from the Met museum, and found at the following link. 


Naylamp and the Tumi In History

Let’s start with what we know about its beginning, that is avery good place to start. Do, re, mi … In all seriousness yes, let’s begin. …

Later, the Sican were defeated and absorbed you might say into the Chimu culture where the Chimu adopted the Sican myth of Naylamp and other cultural traditions. During the takeover the Chimu made the artisans of the Sican culture relocate to their capital city Chan Chan.

The way the Sican designed the handle of the knife was in the image of Naylamp which includes an elaborate headdress, inlayed turquoise several earrings, and small wings at the shoulders. The reason for the wings echoes the legend that surrounds Naylamp. It is said that he left his people by turning into a bird and flying away. It is for this reason he is depicted with wings and sometimes a bird beak nose.

Discovery about the Naylamp Legend

Back in 2006, archaeologists discovered some sobering evidence behind the Naylamp  legend. There was a temple complex discovered with another pyramid tomb within the complex called the Huaca Norte. They found an area containing 33 women sacrifice victims. This temple resides in the ancient city of Chotuna or Chot, Peru the founding city of Naylamp. The people that lived there centuries ago are reported to be the decedents of Naylamp and if correct, this is the firstevidence of any descendants in the flesh ever existing.

This is a very good video that features the material found in my article, additionally, it also covers a vast amount of artifacts from different pre-Inca cultures as well as the Inca found in SOTTR!

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 Material Sources

The Megalithic Porthole


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