February is Lara’s B-Day Month!

Please note that if you cannot see all of Lara in the above photo click on it for a full size image.

In the interest of February being Lara Croft’s birthday month, I created a special Lara Croft Birthday art piece. I have been so excited for February 1st so I could release this post. I shall be using the art piece for my header on Twitter as well.

For the record, I used a render that I modified, painted over and posed from the XPS poser program. The background for this piece is from my PS4 gameplay. I took the picture of the wall from photo mode. I also added the text and enhanced everything to create this piece. It is my own creation and a mix of the classic Lara with the Shadow of the Tomb Raider background.

What better day to celebrate your special day but Valentine’s Day! This shall be an adventurous month for me as well. A winter adventure in the North Cascades is on the horizon and that will be an off the grid type of fun! I shall get my updates in for this month before I go! See you all later.

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Happy Birthday Lara Art

Image created by Okh Eshivar 2019
Image created by Okh Eshivar 2019

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