The Serpent’s Heart DLC Walk-Through / Report

The Serpent’s Heart DLC walk-through / Report

Once again there shall be spoilers in these mists. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh, me Hearties!! Beware! Avast ye!

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Be ready for another fast paced on your toes adventure. This action packed DLC has it all from piranhas, fire, blades that rotate and moving platforms. Hold on to your pants for it is more than a bumpy ride to get through this outstanding SOTTR addition.

Lara starts out in Paititi and locates the mission giver by the village caves. She breaks into a conversation between some people in the cave where your adventure begins as soon as Lara joins in.

Woman: Hakan, I’ll dare you ask A’aron to do such a thing!

Hakan: What would you have me do? Go myself? How long would it be before my head is rolling down the steps from the upper city!

Woman: You have only yourself to blame for that!

Hakan: Don’t you lecture me on … Look A’aron has the run of the place. He’s perfectly safe as long as he doesn’t draw attention to himself.

Woman: If anything happens to him you’re out! Chasca won’t protect you here any longer.

The dialogue stops here, and Lara approaches the people to learn more. She must speak to the mission giver now and that is Hakan.

Lara: Hakan?

Hakan: Who are you?

Lara: I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing, remember?

Hakan: Priest! I didn’t recognize you out of costume. It’s good to see you again my friend.

Lara: You too. How’s Kayara?

Hakan: She still has a father thanks to you.

Lara: If I remember correctly, it took both of us to get out of that cell. So, how’ave you been?

Hakan: I’m trying my best not to squander the second chance I was given. But … I may not have a choice.  

Lara: What’s the trouble?

Hakan: A’aron one of the men that lives here, happens to work at the guard barracks in the upper city. I asked him to do some snooping for me, but he hasn’t returned.

Lara: You’re afraid something happened to him?

Hakan: His sister is. She always worries for him. But she has a point. If I’ve put A’aron in danger and the woman who runs this little halfway house in the garbage finds out …. Kayara and I will be out on our ear.

Lara: I could check on A’aron for you. If he’s in some ort of trouble, maybe I can pull him out.

Hakan: You have a knack for it, I’ll give you that. Do you still have that priest outfit of yours?

Lara: As it happens, I do.

Hakan: Good, A’aron is a custodian at the guard barracks in the upper city. That outfit is going to get you through the door.

Lara nods with a smile and goes to change into the outfit needed at the campfire. There is one in the beginning of this cave.

Screenshot by Okh Eshivar 2019

Your mission is “The Two Graves” and your first task is to check on A’aron at the barracks in the upper city dressed in the appropriate outfit because as you already know, there are areas in Paititi that you must wear a certain outfit to speak to certain characters. It is about trust and blending in. When Lara arrives at the barracks, she speaks to the warrior guard. This after Lara makes her way through the dead bodies along the halls and to the door with the golden circular snake on it.

Warrior Guard: ah, priest some of our brave warriors have just won the day in the name of Kukulkan. I think they deserve a blessing, don’t you?

Lara: Uh, of course, yes …

Warrior Guard: Wonderful, they will be honored. Through here …

He motions for Lara to follow him to the door with the golden circular snake on it and a golden outer ring like a star. It rolls aside reveling a passageway. Lara proceeds.  She runs down several flights of stairs with a statue at the end of each with a fire blazing from a vessel resting on the knees of the statue’s crossed legs. These statues sit on a small stone wall. Lara turns the corner and a cut scene starts that shows her reading her gun. A girl has to be ready for anything. LOL

Lara slowly approached a triangular doorway with two statues with fire vessels on either side. As she moves into position to take out the guards in the next rooms, she can hear them talking.

Guard 1: Anything?

Guard 2: I think all the rebels are gone.

Guard 1: But it doesn’t feel like it. Does it?

Guard 2: No. The air is filled with mystery and treachery.

Guard 1: Sweet victory!

While they converse Lara moves into position to pick them off one by one. Always on the look out for A’aron. The first room has a table covered by a table cloth on one end. There are a few pickups here if you are looking. Head toward the two doorways in this room on the end opposite the table. Lara will duck down as she walks indicating there are more enemies nearby. Keep moving. Go down the hall with a rectangular grate on the floor and keep moving forward until you hear more bad guys.

Guard 1: I don’t understand them. What did they hope to gain?

Guard 2: I don’t think they know. It was an act of desperation.  

Guard 1: Then what reason do they have to be desperate

Guard 2: None. They’ve been turned into a violent mob by a charismatic leader ambitious, clever and manipulative.  

All the while they are talking Lara is drawing closer. She comes to the end of a hall and peers to her right where she sees the men that are speaking to each other. She plans to take these out as well. Where there is one there is more. There are three men in this room that Lara must take out. Do not forget to loot each one and pick up the arrows that are laced about the rooms.

In this room find the wall with the golden snake symbol like the door had and climb onto the top. That is where you will find a tunnel made from support structures, ropes and wooden canes. Push on into the next room this leads to ahead. More fun and games await. Another cut scene with a warrior guard starts. Lara watches as A’aron hits the guard in the back of the head with a rock. Lara calls him by name and he panics and runs.

Lara: A’aron? Don’t be alarmed I’m …

She must follow him, but first another cut scene showing what Lara finds on the guard. She talks to herself about her discovery.

Lara: Is this what you were looking for? These symbols don’t make any sense. It’s almost like code or —

Lara stops in mid though when several guards enter the room. She hides beside a statue as they disperse. However, Lara attacks one before he leaves, and the screen says you must follow A’aron at this point. Lara takes the guards out by stealth. She battles several others head on.

Guard: She is almost dead! Stop now and Kulkulkan might show mercy.

Lara continues until she wipes them all out. Backtrack here and climb onto a wall to get to the pole that is there for you to jump and grab and swing to the wall ahead where the tunnel is and go back through the tunnel. Jump down from the wall into the room and more guards are talking. Lara picks off these guards as well. This is where she finds A’aron again trying to move a door to escape in a cutscene.

Lara follows him through the long crack in the wall and into more rooms that she must climb to the top of another wall to continue pursuing A’aron. Keep going through a narrow passage that opens into what appears to be a longer cave and into a cutscene. Lara puts her weapons away here and continues to an overlook that shows the water below and Paititi ahead.

Jump into the water and go back to the village caves where you first spoke to Hakan. This is also an ideal place to change into another outfit. When Lara arrives here there is another conversation going on between the people in the cave.

Hakan: What do you mean you left it!?

A’aron: I was nearly spotted! What choice did I have?

Hakan: You’re sure it’s still there? What if his body is discovered?

A’aron: He was off his shift. He won’t be missed for hours.

Hakan: Okay. So, you can go back and get it.

A’aron: I’m not going back up there.

Hakan: Well, I can’t go! I have a price on my head.

A’aron: I am sorry, Hakan. I tried I almost had the message.

Hakan: I know … brother I know …

Lara approaches them.

Hakan: You made it out okay … excellent! A’aron, this is the lady who broke me out of jail.

A’aron: It’s a pleasure.

Hakan: Which reminds me. I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve never asked your name.

Lara: It’s Lara.

Hakan: Well, Lara, as you can see, A’aron is back safe and sound. It seems I sent you o an errand for nothing. I am sorry.

Lara: Maybe not for nothing. Does this message mean anything to you?

Hakan: How did you?

A’aron: but?

Lara: When I went to check on A’aron, I saw him take out the guard.

A’aron: The priest? That was you?

Lara: It was smart of you to run, A’aron. If those guards captured you, this message would have been lost for sure. I don’t recognize the symbols they’ve used.

A’aron: It’s a secret language Amaru uses to communicate with his people. Supposedly it reveals the loc…

Hakan: We believe it reveals the location of the high council’s nest. Only the members of his cult know how to read it.

Lara: You can decipher it?

A’aron: My sister Atzi, she …

Hakan: May I answer? Atzi was my wife. She was also once a follower of Amaru. She taught me to read their hidden language.

Lara: You changed her mind about the cult?

Hakan: No one could change Atzi’s mind about anything except Atzi.

Lara: She sounds like a very strong woman.

Hakan: I loved her very much.

Lara: So, does the message tell us where we’re going?

Hakan: We? Alright then. Do you know the abandoned village on the edge of the city?

Lara: I can find it.

Hakan: Good. I will meet you there.

Lara turns to go to the village and picks up the final conversation between A’aron and Hakan.

Hakan: A’aron, if we’re not back within the hour, bring whoever you can. Can you manage that?

A’aron: Yes

You are now off to the next part of the mission called

Screenshot by Okh Eshivar 2019

“Rendezvous with Hakan”

Lara goes to the other side of town and past the market to go to the village. You go through the muddy passage way and then climb through an opening to continue through more mud until you reach the proper village. Go up the steps to the village and continue forward straight ahead until you come to a log you have to duck under. Go under the log and continue run through the trail and pass the waterfall on your left jump into the water and swim ahead through water plants and you will see Hakan on the far bank. Swim to him and get out of the water. Follow him.  There is a cut scene. Lara says:

Lara: Hakan? Hakan are you …

Hakan:  Through here … quickly. Lara run …

A guard comes from behind him to attack Hakan. Another one runs from behind and holds his weapon on Hakan.

Guard: just in time to watch your friend die.

Main Guard: Wait! Perhaps there is another way. Lara, is it?

Lara: Go on.

Main Guard: A deal. You do something for us and your friend lives.

Lara: That easy. Why?

Main guard: Because you impress me. You’ve proven to be quite resourceful since you’ve arrived in Paititi.

Hakan: Lara, don’t do it. Don’t give it to him.

Lara: What is it you want?

Main Guard: The godslayer, of course. Isn’t that why you’re here?

Hakan: Don’t listen to him!

Main Guard: Amaru issued the challenge himself. Whoever, can posses the godslayer, may challenge him to the throne. Didn’t your friend tell you what he’s after? Interesting … but not my problem. Through there lies your challenge. Retrieve the godslayer and return it to me and your “friend” will live. Yes or no?

Hakan: Lara?

Lara: If he so much as a scratch on him when I get back, you all die!

Main Guard: Save your bravado for what lies ahead.

Screenshot by Okh Eshivar 2019

Lara turns and walks toward the water to continue her mission. You are now looking for the challenge tomb. To find it proceed toward the village and find the large pond and swim across it where the wolf den is. Take out the wolves and continue into the den where you will find an entrance. This is the start of the challenge tomb. Activate the button and go through.

The scene changes to Lara in a jungle opening with a triangular doorway ahead and some ammunition pickups in this area as well. Go through the doorway and follow the path. Lara will come to water. It is infested with piranha. Lara thinks about a way across.

Lara: The water’s teeming with piranha. Easy enough … avoid getting in the water.

Lara jumps onto several blocks and floating wooden sections that sink when she lands on them. She must be on her toes to get across this section to a doorway that has two large golden snake heads on the floor with a lever to push in the mouths. Lara pushes each one. This action closes the door behind her and opens the one ahead.

As the door opens Lara sees a raft leaving and the floor starts to sink.

Lara: Shit! The ground is sinking I have to reach that raft!

Run as fast as you can and jump. You will fall into the water and take some piranha damage, but you will be able to make it t the raft for the next series of steps.

Lara: That gate is blocking the raft. There has to be a way to open it.

Lara and the raft come to rest against a gate. You will notice on the far right and left a light green button.  You must shoot them and then a ramp lifts up exposing another light green button you must shoot to continue on your way. This lowers the gate and Lara is greeted by blades she comments.

Lara: Of course, there are blades. Why would it be just as easy as opening a gate?

As the raft advances through the water you will have to jump and duck under the poles with many blades attached to them and across your path. All the while you are reminded about the fatal water with bubbling blood and fish jumping through it as they devour their quarry. Lara sees a complicated place to get through ahead and knows she must find another way to continue with the raft.

Lara: Can’t stay o the raft. I’ll never fit through there.

Lara sees a way and jumps onto many floating pieces of possibly fencing or floor made of wooden sticks each time she lands on a section they start sinking and she has to jump to the next until she sees the raft ahead and jumps on it again for safety.

Lara: That was close.

The raft progresses through the water and the temple ruins until it gets into another tight spot.

Lara: Damn, another tight spot!

Run straight ahead over more floating sections and stone foundations peeking through the water and swing off of a branch land on a safe spot of stone and wait for the raft which floats through in seconds. Jump onto the raft again. The raft pushes through two pillars that rotate open allowing it through. There are more blades however and this time they are rotating across the path. Lara once again must jump, duck and maneuver around them as the raft progresses through the obstacle course.

Screenshot by Okh Eshivar 2019

After getting through this area Lara sees another gate, only this one is gigantic and smack ahead.

Lara: Incredible, this gate is massive. There must be a way to open it!

Lara sees a lever she jumps onto and it goes down activating a weight that lifts opening the gate. The raft floats through and there is a passage to the right that Lara jumps off the raft to reach.

Lara: There’s another path here leading deep into the structure.

Lara comments as she navigates the low ceiling of the passageway she traverses.

Lara: Shit! The raft is stuck again, focus, Lara, and a solution will present itself.

Lara jumps onto the raft and sees through a gate opening ahead another light green button to shoot. She shoots the other one that shows itself under the button like before and the gate ahead lowers lowering the water and the raft so it can go through.

Lara: One more to go.

She shoots another light green button and the one under and the raft again advances forward.

Lara: Perfect, now I can get the raft going again. Blades why does it always have to be blades?

Lara comments here because of the additional rotating blades that appear to be a bit faster and closer together. There are many obstacles like these ahead. Stay on your toes!

When you get through these blades the room opens into one side with blocks/platforms that appear stable enough that Lara can jump onto. Oh, but wait, they are sinking! Run across them to the end and spot the light-green button on the wall. Shoot it and the other underneath it and get back to the other side. There is a vine hanging from the ceiling where you came into the room. Grapple across the room to the other blocks / platforms and run and jump across them to shoot the other light green button with another underneath and you will see the once blocking your way blades on poles lower so you can jump onto the raft once again. Look out it is going to get tougher!

Lara: Another gate! Maybe it opens the same way as the other. I can’t stay here these platforms are sinking! Just in time! Got to move!

Now that Lara is back onto the raft, it continues floating on its way farther into the structure. It comes to what appears to be the end of its watery path and Lara jumps to a rock wall with handholds and climbs to the top to continue. She runs to her left and downhill a bit until she sees a pillar with something vague on top. Hmmm. She speculates.

Lara: At last The godslayer must be in there.  

She continues down the steps and walks along side the water while she surveys the area. She finds another gate room with two golden headed snakes holding levers in their mouths. She pushes them and activates the mechanism. The floor drops into the water that is still teeming with death and she jumps onto the raft ahead.

There is a circular tower top with light green buttons to shoot like before hiding another underneath. Lara shoots one.

Lara: The pool is emptying! I must have activated a security measure! More hazards … have to stay on my toes!

Okay, now you have to pay close attention to timing. There are areas of rotating blades across your path and more buttons to line up and shoot before the next horror knocks you down. The water is still deadly and add fire to the mix now! To deactivate the fire you have to shoot the buttons. Sometimes it only works on one side if you are fast enough you can shoot two buttons before you reach the fire across your path! Good luck!

Okay, now you are through the menagerie of obstacles and the raft has parked itself against a risen wall of sorts. You have to shoot the now rotating lower portion of the tower with more light green buttons. When you shoot the first one the rotating portion lowers this lowers the water and your raft as well. Now the wall is higher in front of you and you must climb on top to proceed. You will notice a small beam jutting off from the wall. Walk out to the end and jump to the tower. Pull up and Lara will comment:

Lara: there must be something blocking the tower mechanism. I’ve got to find out what it is. Got it! Now to climb to the top.

Lara finds some crossed boards that she must pry off with her axe. This frees the mechanism allowing rotation. Lara has to find a way to the top. Face the center of the rotating tower and jump and grab onto the small ledge and the one above that until you reach the last that your pull up on. There is another little part of the rotating platform you are on that juts out from it. Walk out to the end of this timing the gaps in the wall to get to the outside of the tower face. You will see as you face the tower more hand holds to climb to the top. Go as far as it will take you and them shimmy to the left as far as you can go and pull up on some hand holds above your head. These will take you to the top and the stela that awaits! You made it! When you pull the lever down on the stela you will see:

Screenshot by Okh Eshivar 2019

Divine Bounty! Looting enemies yields more gold pieces.

After that the stela lifts and reveals the godslayer bow.

Lara: Made it! And you must be the godslayer.

After Lara takes and admires the new bow, she returns to Hakan. She hopes nothing happened to him with the guards. You will start back from the wolf den in front of the large pond. When Lara comes upon the place, she left Hakan there is a cut scene and Lara watches as the guards try to kill her friend. Only now A’aron is there fighting beside him.

Hakan: A’aron!

Distracted that A’aron was going to be killed by a guard he was sliced in the stomach by another guard who swung a jagged blade into him. A’aron saved him by shooting an arrow into the guard dropping him where he stood. Hakan helped A’aron get away and they ran as fast as they could pursued by more guards that Lara was going to take down.

Guards: After him! Don’t let him escape!

Lara begins picking them off one by one as she follows them. Oh it’s on now dudes! Listen to them screech!

I need help!

Show her no remorse!

Another gone!

They yell as Lara takes care of all of them to get to A’aron and Hakan! She pushes through and finally sees the both of them by the other end of a rope bridge. She needs to help them as they hold off the hordes of guards! This part is called “Fight to the bridge” Lara jumps toward a rock wall and grapples a hanging vine before she gets there. This is on the way to the bridge all the while listening to the guards prattle.

Prepare warriors!

Found the woman!

We are all alone now!

Give up and Kukulkan will go easy on you!

Go! Kukulkan is with us!

Lara can see them below and picks them off once again as she makes her way to A’aron and Hakan. Run to a climbable wall after you take down the last guard in this open area. Keep moving ahead as you encounter more guards to get rid of. Your main objective here is to cross the bridge and help A’aron and Hakan stop the guards from crossing after them. When Lara arrives they cut the ropes and the guards on the bridge fall to their death. Suffering from inflicted injuries by the guards Hakan needs to be assisted to rest and there is another cutscene. The truth comes out!

Hakan: I’m sorry!

Lara: Why did you lie to me?

Hakan: Because I’m ashamed of the truth!

Lara: What truth? That there was never a hidden Cult nest? That you only wanted the godslayer so you could kill Amaru?

Hakan: Yes, for what he made me do! It was I who killed my wife! But he forced my hand. She was going to expose us, risk our daughter’s future. I loved Atzi, but the cult was rooted deep in her.

Lara: So you murdered her?

Hakan: I set her free. And now we will be together again. Far from his influence.

Lara: and Kayara? What of your daughter, Hakan?

Hakan: It’s been arranged. She’ll be safe with Chasca. She’ll raise her to be strong and kind … not like me.

Lara: You heard?

A’aron: I knew. For a long time, I hated it. But my sister was sick. She knew she was poisoned by the cult, but she was helpless to escape them.

Hakan: I … am sorry, A’aron.

A’aron: Rest now brother … go and be with her.

Hakan: Thank you, Lara for everything you’ve done for my family. Take it, for if you ever get the chance.

Hakan hands Lara the godslayer bow. Then he dies.

After the scene fades you will have earned the “Serpent Lash” godslayer bow  under new gear acquired. You will also see another update about the “Dragon Scales” out fit classified as “gear” It has some useful elements to help Lara on her missions. And of course, congratulations is in order because you will have beaten the “Two Graves” mission DLC The Serpent’s Heart. Good for you!

My thoughts

This entire mission has many classic vibes even part of the flute music as Lara begins her trek to find A’aron. It sounded a lot like Legend background music for a bit. It breaks into the contemporary reboot music mixed along the way. However, certain areas of Lara traveling through the jungle are reminiscent of TR3 and Legend. I noticed the same dynamic in the puzzle play. I loved the challenge of these puzzle dynamics shooting timed buttons to deactivate fire, jumping over and ducking under rotating blades, piranhas gosh they pulled out a lot of older game elements and wove it just right. I would say, this is the best DLC for Shadow yet.

If you like a quick paced thinking puzzle dodging fire, blades and piranha game play experience this is the DLC for you! Cannot wait for the next one.

Explore the World!


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