Spoilers: Mother Protector Challenge Tomb

Hi, Tomb Raider fans! I have made a video of my own game-play from my PS4. This video is the entire Challenge tomb from the final (7th) DLC “The Path Home”

It is all spoilers because every step is here. If you are stuck, if you want a chance to see it played through, or for any reason check it out. I played with the new classic top on Lara. It is beautiful! Happy Gaming!

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2 thoughts on “Spoilers: Mother Protector Challenge Tomb

  1. Hi Emma, you might have mentioned this elsewhere on your site, but I’d like to know how to mod my Lara to look more like yours. I’ve finished the complete Shadow game but somehow don’t see the option in-game. How can I get your Lara’s blue tee, black hair and unique face? Thanks for any guidance!

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I paint a lot of newer dimensions to my photos. For example, I take a screenshot in my game-play and send it to photo-mode. Then I save it to my computer and fine tune it with my wacom tablet. I do a lot of paint overs and body changes. It takes time, but I enjoy it a lot as a hobby,

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