PictoFacto Reports

The Calendar Stone

Hello all. I have decided to add a new area called “PictoFacto Reports” It essencially, collects previous articles through pictorial enhancment, and, additionally will bring new articles to light on my site. Each PictoFacto image shall contain a snippet from the historical origin of whatever subject is chosen. 

This is a trial run. 

I have written about the Aztec before, however, this particular piece is a direct link to something from the Tomb Raider game, that I felt the need to elabortae. Click the picture for a far bigger and easy to read version. There is also a link to one of my articles about the Calendar Stone in the caption of the image below. 

Explore the World!


The graphic is the property of Okh Eshivar for it was created by Okh Eshivar
and belongs to the Okh Eshivar website.
You can learn more about this fascinating Aztec object

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