Okh Eshivar’s Inspired Lara

Hi there Tomb Raider fans! 

Lately I decided to make my profile picture on Twitter customized. This means, at least for me, that I will have a Lara that will distinguish my website from all the others. In other worlds I wanted something unique. This way when people see my profile picture, cover photo, icon etc they will know who they are looking at. 

As many of you know I am a mountain person and spend a lot of time on mountain trails and skis. With that in mind, I am playing with the idea of adding Lara to my personal trail photos with Rainier in the background or elements from the mountain such as a waterfall, for one example, from my personal adventures on Rainier. This will absolutly make my collection unuiqe and to kick that part off, I am including a few of the first photos in my collection. The backgrounds are from my many trail adventures in the mountains. In one of the photos Bloucher Falls is in the background. You will find them on the trail to Comet Falls, Mt Rainier. 

So, enjoy the My Rainier Croft gallery yet to grow a lot more. Oh, and it will. 

Explore the World!



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