The Cenote

Screenshot by Okh Eshivar from personal gameplay.

HELLO THERE Tomb Raider fans!

As many of you know, I have enjoyed playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider ever since my first gameplay at E3 last year.  I love on edge areas of games, where you have to think on your toes, and you never know where and when the threat of an enemy is going to occur.

Keeping jump scares in mind, perhaps the darkest and intense area of the game was “The Cenote” This is the stuff great games are made of, for the gamer becomes emersed so profoundly into the created world scape that they start to tense up, feel shaky, nervous and literally scream when the enemies ambush them. It is just a game after all, but for some it is an endless nerve filled journey of terror and some never return to these areas to encounter these aggressive, killing machine characters again. Although, if you wish to 100% the game, such as I and others did, you need to come back to these areas and deal with whatever your freak out meter shells out. LOL.

I am reminded of “It is just a game” Well, it is, and with that in mind who cares how many evil foes are set to slice you to threads? Lara will regenerate, and you can try again.

So, I have put together a few critical cutscenes from my gameplay. Today’s selection is from “The Cenote” with such adversaries as the Yaaxil and notably the Crimson Fire. She has a lovely disposition with her blood-curdling shriek. These creatures are protecting the box, however, when Lara finds a way into the sacred chamber where the box resides, Lara discovers it is missing; however, the Yaaxil think Lara destroyed it, so they become a force of explosive danger fueled by extra vehemence. Lara runs for her life tailed by the angry nightmares, and she narrowly escapes by jumping into the water and swimming to safety.

All this after a sequence of touch and go with these horrors. Lara must fight them off while figuring out the puzzle of levers, and wheels and planks to ax through. These are necessary to solve to get into the chamber closed by two round, rollaway doors.

Though this is not a textual walkthrough, I figure by watching some of my gameplay from the Cenote you can figure out how to proceed if you are stuck, or overwhelmed by the Yaaxil and their continuous bombardment. I left my mistakes in these videos because I wanted to stress what happens if you get killed in this level. I also played it with the icons on that highlight places Lara must destroy with a shotgun or other weapon etc This way, the player can know where important areas are.

I will be adding more key areas from this game and much more. Until next time. 

Explore the World!

~ Emma


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