My Experience with the Definitive Edition

Created by Okh Eshivar 2019

Hello, Tomb Raider fans.

This is a busy time of year for many, including myself, so I am late with my site updates. As everyone knows throughout the Tomb Raider community, the definitive edition for Shadow of the Tomb Raider has come out. I was excited about this development, so I not only loaded it to my machine, but I replayed the game.

I have to say from first-hand experience that all the claims made in the trailer for this game are valid. I noticed a lot more defining scenery, better graphics and I was playing on a PS4. The perspectives in the scenes seemed to have been enhanced.  I saw the same focus on detail in the cutscenes as well.

I do like this game a lot, so I am, however, I do recognise quality when I see it and in this case play it.

Lara has a lot more expression in the newer edition, and you can feel her emotion. In the first gaming experience I 100% the game. I will again for the new one, however, at the moment I am too busy. I will update this small report if I find anything new to elaborate.

I obtained my updated edition automatically because I originally bought the Ultimate version and it came with a season pass. If you look at the official Crystal Dynamics website about this game, you will see how to get this updated version of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Also, for those who were thinking this update included a new tomb in the game in the package of another or 8th DLC, it did not. There is a new outfit we all are aware of at this time. It is a fitness outfit inspired by the classic design Lara wears in the manor for training and exploration.

Image belongs to Okh Eshivar 2019

As it says above you do get every weapon and I noticed a few extras on my inventory page. There are many upgrades as before and you will also have more freedom with outfits. You will have to adjust that in your options menu after you beat the boss. I have been having a blast with this part and more photo mode settings as well. I will say that this edition is a winner and I am glad I upgraded and did not ignore it. I can say after my personal experience, it is totally worth your time. It feels like a new game in a sense. It was also a blast replaying all the areas and looking harder at the scenery.

Concerning the items I noticed that made the game feel new again is explained in this paragraph from Crystal Dynamics site

” A: Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition includes all available content to date. Experience Shadow of the Tomb Raider featuring the final chapter of Lara Croft’s origin story, the Season Pass containing multiple challenge tombs, missions, weapons, and outfits, Croft Edition bonuses, the all-new Definitive Edition “Croft Fitness” outfit, and additional gameplay adjustments. “

Overall, this was a neat way to tie the loose ends up of the game, and give the fans a bit more nostalgia with the new outfit that shadows the classic fitness outfit in Lara’s wardrobe. I enjoyed this edition a great deal. I hope you all do, too. I believe I will never be tired of Tomb Raider and I will always cherish my time with the official program as well. This game franchise and everything I have been involved with concerning the game and Crystal Dynamics is wonderful. What a great ride and now we are coming to the onset of 2020! Another year is close at hand. Another update is now done.

Watch the video below. It shall explain the new edition. I do believe most everyone has seen it, but if you haven’t, enjoy. If you have I hope you enjoy as well.

See you at the next update! Explore the world!


Okh Eshivar 2019

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