In The Shadow of an Angel

If you enjoy playing as the contemporary Lara Croft in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I have a new experience that I am sure many have tried by now. I liked The Angel of Darkness, so I used the skin for that game and played “The Sixth Seal” challenge tomb as AoD Lara! There is a video below as well. Enjoy the mini gallery and video of AoD Lara in shots from my game play of “The Sixth Seal” and yes, the title “In the Shadow of an Angel” is in the representation of both games.

In the Shadow of an Angel Mini-Gallery

Please note: All slides in this mini gallery are the property of Okh Eshivar and were created by Okh Eshivar.

I played on easy to get it done quicker. I adore this game and the fact that you can play as different past Laras.

Thanks for viewing!

Explore the World!

~Emma! AKA — M. Harris

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