The Crimson Fire/Game-Play

Hi there Tomb Raider fans!

It is fitting to thank everyone for all the traffic to the site lately. There has always been a fair amount, but over the last month, there have been thousands of extra visitors! Thanks all for visiting!

WARNING: On the off chance, there are still those who have not played the game or finished Shadow of the Tomb Raider; please know there are SPOILERS in every video posted on this site update, for it is Okh Eshivar’s (AKA mine), exclusive game-play.  

The following videos are personal game-play of Lara joining forces with the Crimson Fire and her minions to thwart Dominguez AKA Amaru.

The video footage to follow shows Lara with the Yaaxil. They lived with their priestess the (Crimson Fire (the embodiment of Chak Chel) in the Cenote. Many years before, when the silver box of Crimson Fire’s counterpart Ix Chel was stolen, they lost their objective, for they were to protect the box, and now they were confused and angry.

 Lara is in her final battle with Trinity and Amaru. The Crimson Fire and the Yaaxil lead the side Lara is on.

Now sit back and watch as the final battle to defeat the cleansing and stop the eclipse unfolds!

My personal game-play video Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Most of the highlights.

Thank you for viewing and remember to:

Explore the World!

~Emma AKA — M. Harris

If you are interested in learning more about the Maya goddess Chak Chel/ Ix Chel click the link below. My site is loaded with Mesoamerican articles, Egyptian and many more! Thank you.

Check out Okh Eshivar’s article about Chak Chel and Ix Chel

Chimu: Chan Chan

Archaeology Collection Page

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