Lara Croft and Halloween

Hi there. Here we are in autumn again and another Lara Croft and friends couple of art pieces.

These are themed as usual and about Autumn and Halloween. This piece showcases Lara croft from SOTTR. So in other pieces, we shall look at several Lara Crofts from different Tomb Raider games spanning the years. This is a work in progress come back for updates!

There is a slight rush to being scared! Lara screams with a smile across her lips from the discovery, adventure and pure adrenalin of the chase! That’s our Lara! “I only play for sport!”

Lara is out to save the world once again! Just what did she find? After all, “Everything lost is meant to be found!”

Lara looks at her prize, but was it worth the pursuit? Who is she to take antiquity’s secrets? “The extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are.”

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