Tomb Raider Anime on Netflix!

Kicking off the 25th anniversary in style! Yes just dropped today that Netflix is going to have the adventure hero our one and only Lara Croft in animation! Yep, that is correct an anime of Tomb Raider is coming! Here is the official announcement!

This is a short report but there are a lot more things to talk about later as they come out. See you all later! Yeehaw! 25th anniversary!


Here is more of the scoop

The anime series will take up after the reboot trilogy. Isn’t that exciting?! This is part of the new Netflix Legendary project which will define Lara’s first dip into an animated series!

Tasha Huo will write the anime series she is acclaimed for writing The Witcher: Blood Origin, Red Sonja! She will executive produce alongside of CEO Dmitri M. Johnson.

PLease watch this great video for the start of the 25th anniversary! This has been a great day for #TombRaider info and updates galore. Yay! Thank you @MeaganMarie & @Rinoaaa awesome job as always!

Check out the link below!

Thanks for viewing! See ya all later.

Explore the world!

~Emma AKA M. Harris

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