TR25 & LC’s Birthday / Valentine’s Day

Though I shall be away in the mountains skiing this weekend, I will do my best to make a recognition piece for Lara’s birthday and Valentine’s day. I have a project for the TR25 year of 2021. One of those projects is to make a graphic of our dear Lara that represents each of the Tomb Raider games. If I have time, I will also include the Lara Croft titles.

I find all of the exciting items to come and that are going on now inspiring! This also marks my 6th year with the Official Fansite Program. It is also my site’s 7th year anniversary!

To kick this month’s Lara Croft appriciation for game 1 1996. Here is my graphic featuring the Lost Valley. This is my version and I created it with a poser program known as XPS! I also use Poser 11 at times, but not for this one. After I posed her and worked with the mesh files, I made her a transparent png. Then I used a jungle background in photoshop to add her image to along with the png file for the T-Rex and the pterodactyl. I also painted it and adjusted colours etc in photoshop.

I plan to make a interactive photo to go with the main one every month. Enjoy, and I will be back after my ski trip! Happy valentin’s day!

Explore the world!

~Emma aka M. Harris

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