Site Update! Old and New!

With the end of the year already here, and the bustle of the season busying our daily lives, it seems like busy is the keyword here, it is difficult at times to make an update. I want you all to know that I am “happily-busy” as I call it, and I will find time to update. I have approved good plans for the coming year for my site, and the book review section is one of them. I tweeted about this before. I wanted to post this here, and when I have time available later, I shall make a place for this section on my site.

New Design:

As many of you can tell, I changed my site theme. It was late last year that I found out about my theme being retired. Well, though it still worked, it was not as responsive as I would like. I decided to wait to change themes this year being the 25th anniversary. What a better time to do this, as I said way back then and now. This way I can have a fresh updated look going into the new year!

I must have tried dozens of themes until I arrived at the current theme. It has everything I was looking for and more. It was worth the wait. My custom designed headers fit well and all of the other add ons I have created to make my site different.

My Site Title

I have been asked for a few years now by those who are curious and like the name but need to know why I named my site “Okh Eshivar” It is a word that won’t roll off the tongue and that is why I like it. It is different, and I have never seen another site with a name like it. It stands out more that way, and I adore the fact it is directly from Tomb Raider. It is the control word Lara uses to command the Thrall and her doppelganger. If you play the DLC “Beneath the Ashes” for Tomb Raider Underworld you will hear and see Lara use it.

My Header:

My header has been the subject of many fine questions for me. For those who wish to know. I use poser11, XPS and photoshop paired with a digital Wacom pen tablet. The Lara image in my header was developed by me from a render. I painted her, changed the mesh files, and painted glasses onto her face. In other words, she is my vision. The background in the header is my personal screenshot that I took with my ps4. I changed it a bit and added Lara to the background, added text, and the coin in the middle with the Latin along the rim is mine as well that I added to the photo from my camera. The latest badge was made for each official fan site with our site name on it in honor of the 25th anniversary celebration year. I of course updated my header with that as well.

I designed my header to my unique design. This way when people see it they know it is me and not something they have to look hard at to distinguish my site from another one. It is fun to do projects such as these and more that I have in the works. So now you know. LOL!

Thank you for being so supportive! 🙂

Explore the world!


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