Lara’s Studio Featuring: Scionjay96

Hello, Tomb Raider fans!

I certainly hope 2022 finds you all in good spirits and good health! I had a wonderful holiday and I hope you all had the same. So. I am excited to start this new section of my site for 2022! Here to kick “Lara’s Studio” off is the kind and fabulous virtual photographer ScionJay96!

His work has been of special notice through the Tomb Raider community. I have adored his flair for detail and the way he brings his subject to life. Lara lives a life of her own through his incredible perspective. I don’t have to say how much I adore his work for you to understand.

About The Artist

Scionjay: I am a virtual photographer by day and a Twitch streamer by night! My journey into the world of virtual photography began with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Around the release of the game I was seeing negativity towards both the game and Lara herself, and I wanted to show everyone the beauty I saw in the game myself through screenshots. I took a few just to put on Reddit to show how realistic and beautiful Lara could look, and from there had this massive collection of Lara photos beginning and didn’t know what to do with them.

So, I created my Instagram just as a place for me to save them if I ever wanted to go back and look at them. The next thing you know people started following me fast and I was literally in shock. I did not realize anyone would like my photos and did not even know about the virtual photography community! Ever since then I have tried my hardest to always respect and show Lara in the best light that I possibly can. I have such a passion for the art of virtual photography and absolutely love being a part of the community. The community has given me the best hobby and some of the best friends I ever could have. I do take photographs of other games that I love as well, but always find my way back to Lara😊

Attention to Detail

Each fabulous piece stands out in a huge way. Some of the most significant defining qualities are the literal weave in the various fabrics of Lara’s attire. The colors are rich and feel like you could reach out and touch them. The shine in her eyes, on her skin, her hair, and the reflection captured in the water from her face, in the case of the one featured in this gallery, and there is a multitude of other elements that grab you, and throw you deep into Lara’s world.

These quality elements within the work are what sets Scionjay96 into a category of excellence! He is a talent I am happy to showcase here!

I have received these gorgeous shots! Enjoy these beautiful pieces! All of these lovely photos in the galleries are copyright Scionjay96

For those who cannot get the auto gallery to work, the larger gallery below should provide access to the photos.

For more fantastic photos from Scionjay96, don’t forget to check the following thread, and his accounts out Below. It is worth your time!

You can find him on Twitch here: ScionJay96

Also on Twitter here: ScionJay96

Thank you for stopping by! If you would like to see updates about “Lara’s Studio” check out the index page for all additions: Lara’s Studio Index

See you next month for another feature from Lara’s Studio!

Explore the World!

~Emma aka M. Harris

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