Lara’s Studio:Hashta

Here we are in April and it’s time for another Lara’s Studio! Let’s welcome Hashta!

Hashta has a great eye for landscape in Tomb Raider that is done as if you are looking at a piece from a National Geographic page. The stunning temples, villages, jungles etc feel like a visit. This is the best perspective on any image for it can conjure an emotional image to frame a memory of a place you’ve been in the past and allow your dreams to take flight. It is the same eye catching style that is captured with Lara as the subject. You can feel her emotion and see it in her eyes as if she were a real life subject. Yes, Hashta is one to watch. Wonderful talent! Also if you haven’t been following Hashta please do at the following link.

Twitter Hashta

Hashta’s Bio

Hello everyone, I’m known as Hashta and my real name is Rafał. First I need to say thanks to amazing Emma for having me here, it’s an honour.

I was always interested in video games from their technical side, concept art, level design and of course final outcome but what comes with it is capturing the beauty of a video game and characters that are behaving like if they were real so when fashion for photo mode started it was like a blessing to me. I got a PS4 in 2017 with Horizon Zero Dawn and that’s where my official virtual photography started. At first I was just doing it for myself but in 2021, something around 2 weeks before TR25 was announced I decided to join Twitter to celebrate the anniversary of my favourite franchise with screenshots of every level each day. I didn’t know what was waiting for me or what amazing people I’m going to meet, also I would never think that in the end I will become a real virtual photographer for other games. It’s really an amazing time for me, I’m even trying some real life photography now!

When it comes to my photos, I think I’m very versatile – landscapes, abstraction, portraits, action shots and everything else but there is always the possibility to add more and to improve and that’s what I’m gonna do! Right now I’m posting my Tomb Raider „leftovers” cause I’m on a small break from a franchise but I can’t wait to come back!


And now let’s take a look at the lovely photos of Hashta.

Here you will find a mix of Lara as the subject as well as some wonderful landscape VP Hashta has taken all from Shadow of the Tomb Raider! You can also link to the landscape photos from the following embedded link below the gallery.

Story Gallery

Hashta has a great deal to offer the community and I feel certain this VP will not disappoint! It’s been a pleasure getting to know more about this kind photographer. Keep an eye out for more from Hashta!

Thank you for viewing this featured piece. There will be more from Lara’s Studio in May. Look for the updates on my Twitter account.

Lara’s Studio is here to promote the wonderful virtual photography talent of the Tomb Raider community to give them the recognition they deserve, and put them in a featured spotlight on my official Tomb Raider site!

Explore the World!


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