Lara’s Studio: WeBeenCroft!

Hi everybody! I’m happy to say welcome to July’s edition of Lara’s Studio! In this summer edition we welcome the very talented and kind WeBeenCroft also known as Mehmet witch!

One of the things that draws me to photography in the first place is a rich palette of colors! When a photographer can capture what the eye actually sees through the lens that’s a talent that many of us strive to have and develop. WeBeenCroft has harnessed that ability and takes you on quite a voyage with photos that speak from the heart.

So without further ado let’s get to know this talented virtual photographer a bit better starting with the bio and on to the photo gallery.

Biography of WeBeenCroft!

Hi! It’s WeAreCroft1 on Instagram, you might know me as WeBeenCroft from Twitter. Before beginning I’d like to thank Emma for giving me such an amazing opportunity to be featured. I’m very honored and I can’t thank enough!!

I’m a Virtual Photographer, although in the last year I was too caught up with studying and school work while i was preparing for college I couldn’t really have time to capture any photos and it has really effected me with my mental health to be honest. Because giving my focus on it has been really helpful for me. Now that I’m almost done with all those work, I’m finally ready to get back.

I got introducted to the franchise while I was 4, with Angel of Darkness. My sister, my uncles and one of my cousins used to play the Tomb Raider games way before me. In fact, that cousin (which I’m so grateful for) introduced me to Tomb Raider on her PS2. We used to play Anniversary too. Walking around in the Croft Manor was everything. When I got my own PS2 I got Underworld. All I could do was to finish the Croft Manor level. I really couldn’t go further in the game which was really frustrating for me at that age. But I promised myself when I was old enough, I would finish the whole game. Then for years I’ve disconnected from the franchise, until 2013. I was once again OBSESSED with the franchise. As I grew up I started to understand everything and Tomb Raider made me gain a new perspective in life. I had a few Tomb Raider accounts on Instagram but up until 2018 I never had a page that I continued to use properly. It started off as a news page (WeAreCroft), then I started to post my random Rise of the Tomb Raider shots. Then I lost my access to that account, lol. After that I opened a second one (WeAreCroft1) to continue. It was before Shadow was released. After it released I started to post my photos from the game. I found the photomode addition very interesting and that’s where my journey began.

While capturing photos, I just try to catch Lara in the moment. I like to express how she feels in-game, I like to catch her mood and reactions. I know that she’s a video game character of course but I like to catch her with the personality she was given by the developers in my photos. I try to keep it as simple as possible. If she looks as if she’s feeling herself, I capture it in that moment. If she looks as if she knows she’s over, I capture it in that moment. As long as it’s natural. Sometimes I go crazy and try to take one photo for like 10 minutes because I try to be such a perfectionist (Yeah most of the time I end up deleting them, lol.). I just know if she was real and I was her photographer, she would’ve hated my guts. Capturing photos are more of a hobby for me. I don’t see it as a job or something forced. It just makes me feel like myself and free. It helps me with my focus, stress and anxiety. In that moment I feel calm. I love to see other Virtual Photographers feel that way too, they all inspire me to do better. Each one of them has their own unique windows to life and their photographies. They are all special and I love them all so much. But I really don’t believe I do anything special though, I just try to be your ordinary friendly neighborhood Virtual Photographer.

(P.S. when I got old enough, I kept my promise and I finished Underworld 🙂 .)

Thank you so much for sharing with all of us! A truly fascinating bio indeed! And if anyone isn’t following this account, please do so now at the below media accounts for this talented virtual photographer!



webeencroftMehmet Witch ᱬ (@WeBeenCroft)

Virtual Photography Story Gallery


And there you have it! I truly enjoyed browsing through this Instagram and that is why I added the link above with some photos.

Thank you for viewing this latest addition to Lara’s Studio! Stay tuned for August’s edition we always aim for the first of each month!

Lara’s Studio is here to promote the wonderful virtual photography talent of the Tomb Raider community to give them the recognition they deserve, and put them in a featured spotlight on my official Tomb Raider site!

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