Lara’s Studio: ExiledMeatball

Hello all!
In these hot summer days and nights, here is the latest entry from Lara’s Studio! Welcome to ExiledMeatball, a very talented virtual photographer that I truly enjoy and appreciate for such a creative eye. Check out the true beauty captured in the gallery below! But first, read more about this great VP at the following biography!

The Biography!

Hi! My name is ExiledMeatball. I am a 37 year old gamer that plays on both XBOX and
PlayStation consoles. I grew up playing all kinds of games, but over the years moved
exclusively to single player story driven games.
I always knew of Tomb Raider(who didn’t?), but never started playing the games until the 2013
reboot was released. That was when I completely fell in love with Lara and her “Survivor” story.
From there I was completely absorbed into her trilogy as each game came out.
I started taking video game screenshots with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but really didn’t have
any clue what I was doing. Looking back, almost every shot I took looks like a basic screenshot
that anyone could have taken.
My true interest and passion for Virtual Photography started with The Last of Us Part 2 and has
now become one of my favorite features to use in any game. Sometimes I will even buy a game
just because I know it has a photo mode.
However it was only recently when I decided to replay Shadow of the Tomb Raider that I could
really compare my first shots to my current skill level. It is amazing and rewarding to take what I
have learned in other games and apply it to a game I played years ago.
My personal style of Virtual Photography is to capture every shot in game and to do zero editing
afterwards. I have absolute respect for artists that edit and polish their shots further, but I
challenge myself to stay within the restrictions of each game’s photo mode.
While I can only share a few of my favorite Shadow of the Tomb Raider photos here, I post
many more on my Twitter(@exiledmeatball), and recently on my new Instagram account
(@exiledmeatball). Come visit me and let’s share shots! I am always looking to learn something
new and love to help those who are just getting started.

Fantastic bio and look at the artist behind the work! It’s amazing the uniqueness without altering each shot that is brought into these purely photo mode screenshot images! Something I really enjoy and while you’re at it please follow both accounts previously listed from the bio you won’t regret it!

Instagram photo of Lara and other game characters of ExiledMeatball! Love this portrait!

Now let’s get started on the lovely gallery filled with beautiful photo mode shots for your enjoyment!

The Gallery

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for viewing August’s installment of Lara’s Studio! I said before be sure to follow this talented virtual photography artist at the previous accounts listed. Also, be sure to follow my website for the latest updates on Lara’s Studio and other subjects from this website such as archeology from Tomb Raider and elsewhere, legends, geography and more! See you next month for September’s installment of Lara’s Studio!

Lara’s Studio is here to promote the wonderful virtual photography talent of the Tomb Raider community to give them the recognition they deserve, and put them in a featured spotlight on my official Tomb Raider site!

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