Lara’s Studio September edition!

Featuring Synnyster Croft aka Matt

Zoom there went August make way for September and the latest edition of Lara’s Studio! Welcome to the talented Synnyster Croft aka Matt
His work reflects his intense passion for Lara Croft. His portraits have many layers to them almost as if she could talk to you while you gaze through his lens. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of his work! So now let’s find out more about him through his biography and later check out the gallery filled with his beautiful portraits of our Lady Lara Croft

Hey guys! I’m SynnFusion (or just Matt), aka Synnyster Croft to the Tomb Raider community. I’m a 32 year old work from home tech worker, fanfic dabbler, mediocre meme artist, and aspiring virtual photographer specializing in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

I’m maybe one of the latest tomb raider fans, only playing Tomb Raider for the first time in early 2020. I was fresh out of grad school and moving to a new city only to be immediately assigned permanent work from home due to the pandemic, and so I was advised by a dear friend to give the Survivor Tomb Raider trilogy a try to help cope with the isolation (I am the monster he created).

Over the next seven days and in the depths of pandemic loneliness, I was captivated by the extraordinary story of a woman rising from the ashes of tragedy to the heights of morally complex anti-heroism, both feared by her enemies and cherished by her friends.

Many of us live vicariously through Lara, but for me, she symbolized the kind of woman I hope to one day be deeply respected by. So much so, that I developed a bit of a fictional crush, much like the feelings of adoration we sometimes experience in our youth. Over the next year or two I crafted the internet personality, Synnyster Croft, initially only a meme persona designed to celebrate a love for Lara through good spirited humor, but eventually aspiring to more serious virtual photography after some invaluable tips on how to really bring Lara to life from my friend and VP mentor, scionjay96, who I met along the journey.

In the time since, I’ve made dozens of friends in an extraordinary (and often chaotic) community of VP’s and Tomb Raider fans, each sharing their own unique and personal connection with this character. These days you can find me on instagram, and misbehaving on twitter where I continue to spread the memes, share the occasional 280 character romantic “synnfic short”, and post my VP shots from Shadow.

Now that was a very interesting and enlightening biography! Now that we’ve read about this great virtual photographer onward to the gallery featuring his work!

And while you’re at it, be sure to follow his Twitter account and Instagram account

The Gallery!

I usually post a special photo from the artist’s social media account if they have one. In this case it’s Instagram. And this photo of Lara really caught my eye! This one is chef kiss!

Thank you for viewing September’s installment of Lara’s Studio! Be sure to follow my website for the latest updates on Lara’s Studio and other subjects from this website such as archeology from all eras of Tomb Raider and elsewhere, legends, locations and more! See you next month for October’s installment of Lara’s Studio!

Lara’s Studio is here to promote the wonderful virtual photography talent of the Tomb Raider community to give them the recognition they deserve, and put them in a featured spotlight on my official Tomb Raider site!

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