The Flavors of Tomb Raider

A culinary expedition!

Hello everyone and welcome to the first edition of “The Flavors of Tomb Raider!” It is also the 26th anniversary of Tomb Raider!
If you know me, you know I love to cook! My mother taught me well, and when I wasn’t traveling on adventures with my family when very young, I was attending to my studies, and participating in my sports. I loved being in the kitchen, and learning how to cook & bake traditional recipes handed down for generations in my family among many others.

This wonderful cookbook and travel guide comprises two things that I love the most cooking and traveling. Hence my background in archeology and the ancient world etc. And of course it goes without saying the video games Tomb Raider starring Lara Croft!
I intend to base this section on the cookbook and the many wonderful recipes from around the world found in this marvelous culinary expedition!

This is my chance to leave reviews on the recipes that I intend to make, photograph and leave a general review on the book itself.

You will also find any article on my site written by me, that applies to the region in Tomb Raider that said recipes represent, will have a link in the recipe review for further reading.

The official cookbook goes over the areas Lara has visited very well. It adds a layer of interest you would most certainly want to learn about if visiting said area yourself. Hence making it a complete culinary and travel guide for that adventurous globetrotter on your list. I highly recommend this book. It should be on the shelf of the Tomb Raider fan in your life.

I thank, Meagan Marie, Sebastian Haley and Tara Theoharis for putting together this wonderful book! What an amazing idea! It is also a very special book to me because Meagan signed it! The following photos are my personal ones course one is from The cookbook, and the bowl of Esquites was cooked by me. And the inside of my cookbook was signed by Megan!

Esquites aka corn in a cup!

I have been to Mexico many times. I have explored the ruins, enjoyed the foods a great many places including Cozumel where Shadow of the Tomb Raider began. Additionally, I was there again earlier in 2022. So, I felt it obvious to kick this place off with a delicious Mexican snack known as Esquites!

I call This a culinary expedition because the flavors on point in each recipe takes your taste buds and senses on a trip around the world. And this current recipe, though a snack and very simple to make, is no exception!

When you walk down the colorful streets of Mexico, the street vendors sell this flavorful snack from their carts in two versions. Elotes and esquites. One is basically all the same toppings you’d find in the cup version known as esquites only it’s corn on the cob dipped in mayonnaise topped with butter, lime juice, salsa and even sometimes pulverized corn chips flavored with chili etc. and don’t forget the cheese and the cream. This version is called a elotes.

A street vendor in Mexico selling Elotes (corn on the cob) & Esquites (corn in a cup)

Image of vendor cart credit

Though there are many variations to this flavorful dish, the vendor carts usually sell elotes and esquites together, because, they’re selling the corn on the cob version and the cup version. Corn is also a favorite food in Mexico and enjoyed in many different ways. But don’t let that confuse you this creamy, savory and tangy perfection greet your taste buds with the textures and flavors of most people’s favorite things. Grilled corn with that toasty smoky taste behind it accompanied by cheese, creamy mayonnaise, fresh cream, the tanginess of lime juice, jalapeno peppers, salsa and the saltiness of chili corn chips or whatever savory toppings you desire! Essentially, it’s an array of your taste buds favorite things! You can have it any way you like!

This is Elotes with all it’s toppings!

Above image credit of Elotes

The recipe from the Official Tomb Raider cookbook had all of the above flavor notes, and judging by the expression on my family’s faces, I knew it was love at first bite!

I also, was impressed with the origin notes on the page for the recipe. It was very useful and well put together. Bravo for a lovely recipe and a fascinating look into the recipe origins and the culture from which it came!

Additionally, the research done to explain the different areas of North America was simply wonderful and well written. A lovely companion that brought out areas of Shadow of the Tomb Raider that Lara explored including wonderful Cozumel.

Well, that’s a wrap of the first edition of “The Flavors of Tomb Raider!” There will be many more additions to come! Each review will be based off of a recipe that I make from the official Tomb Raider cookbook, and then photograph the dish and give my opinions of the recipe etc. Stay tuned and bookmark my site so you’re able to get the latest updates! Goodbye for now!

And remember to do what Lara and I love to do, and that is: EXPLORE THE WORLD!

Additional acknowledgments for the North American travel guide and recipe consultants goes to: Juan de Jesus Trevino Paz of the new Tomb Raider collection; Roni Theoharis

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